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Layer view bug


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I have some new issue / bug with the Vectorworks 2024 1.1 version that i can't solve myself.
The layer i'm having activated is on Top/plan visible, when i pan to 3D view (CTRL+MOUSE3+PAN) it shows on 3D.
But when i activate another layer on top of it, the new layer is visible at top/plan on top of the 3D view. Like on the image below.
-i had proposed trees first activated, they show in 3D Wireframe
-i added the Sitemodel -layer to visible, it shows only in Top/plan on top of the 3D Wireframe view.
-this happens the same way on every layer, it doesn't make any difference which layer i open as the second layer.
This makes the working impossible.
One more thing to mention is that with this issue also my 3D view went from Shaded to Wireframe.

Helps please 😕


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29 minutes ago, bcd said:

Have you tried a restart?

Is Unified View off by any chance?



Thank you, Unified View setting was compelety new to me. Now im just wondering how this got selected in the first place, since i haven't ever been in this tab... Maybe there is some shortcut for this, that i did press. It was weird that the "Enable legacy 2D features" was unchecked, but the Turn off unified view was checked. But unchecking the "Turn off unified view" did the thing. Thank you so much! ❤️

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