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.ids (information delivery specification) file import

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is the importing of the new information requirements format (development supported by buildingsmart int'l) named .ids (information delivery specification) planned, or maybe already in the pipeline? 


this format is both machine and human readable, and is supposed to import owner's requirements (now governed by paper-based documents: air - asset information requirements, pir - project information requirements, and eir - exchange information requirements, these are destined to be abandoned in the future) into the properties that can be used for the ifc data exported from the application.


do vectorworks, inc. think about it?




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On 11/20/2023 at 5:08 PM, matteoluigi said:

@gester and of course BSDD should be implemented as well for an integral workflow sth like a BSDD -interface for the datamanager

you really need bsdd matrix in vectorworks?

it's an external link between the ifc guids and the classification and real life objects, containing rfids, qr's, or gs1 gtins.


we need ids in the first place, just in order to populate our ifc models with properties.


btw: i don't see pictures in the translated computerworks presentation. can you provide the link to the german version?

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i've just watched the vw 2024 excel referencing video. i think the ids case could be performed in a similar manner: just importing ids in the excel-import style.


of course, it's just an idea, i still dunno if it makes sense and how to implement it.

such import would have to go directly into ifc properties (or via data manager), not as a worksheet...

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