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Vectorworks X - Reference Files



Perhaps in the next upgrade, Vectorworks can include a comprehensive referencing system so that various files can be tiled into a master document. In the master file the references should be able to :

- be moved- be rotated- be clipped- control levels and classes

This would be particularly useful in producing architectural detail ie. 1:50 sections that automatically produce 1:5 details. Similarly 2 or more separate 3d models could be referenced together and manipulated.

This seems to be a major difference between Vectorworks and other leading CAD programmes. Hopefully this issue can be addressed.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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Your list of the necessary reference file capabilities is perfect. Lack of reference files is the major capability gap that Vectorworks needs to solve.

The importance of this capability can not be over-stated. Without scalable, croppable, rotatable reference files, Vectorworks is hobbled.

Our clients are becoming increasingly sophistocated about CAD files. They expect us to provide copies of the files for their use after projects are done, and expect those files to comply with their standards for file structure. Unless we can find a work-around for the lack of reference files, we will be forced to buy ACAD or Mstation to meet our client's needs.

D. Aynardi

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Originally posted by cmury:


- be moved

- be rotated

- be clipped

- control levels and classes

Isn't the third (clipping)the issue? The work-around (masking) isn't great. The first two are acccomplished perfectly by layerlinks. The last, controlling class visibility, is addressed by sheets, though not with total flexibility.

WGR sometimes seems to alter line attributes.

- Carl

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your list is great.

but as carl point all these can be achived

with to simple improvements.

1. clipping windows for layer links

or a clipping window for WGR Direct.

(which would be the only real programming part)

2. More control of classes, like an option for a class to only be visable on the active layer.

which can be achived by custom visablity scripts, so is really an interface issue.

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I haven't been back to this forum for a while and noticed my post of 24 April 2002.

Well - 4 years later - I think we're just about there. Maybe the subject of this forum should read Vectorworks XII!!

Having used viewports on a couple of projects now I think their implementation is pretty solid. The workflow is slightly awkward but from what I've seen of 12 this is already being smoothed out.

Well - thats my 2 cents worth. Well done Nemetschek!

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Completely agree with your wishes for manipulating reference files. The ability to rotate and clip reference files and/or layer links would be the single most useful improvement in the programme.

One further related issue to add: We would really like reference files to be automatically located from within the local folder of any file.

We have a lot of problems if we transfer files from a desktop to a laptop computer. On the laptop when we open a file it searches fruitlessly for the reference files from the original (desktop) file path. It would be far more useful if it searched locally for the file within the local folder.

John Ryan

CPR Architects - Dublin

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This is to add my vote for improved reference file capability.

Lack of real reference file capability is the single biggest liability in Vectorworks. We need to ability to move, rotate, scale and clip reference attachments.

Viewports are nice, but don't address the same need. We've limped along about as far as we can without addressing the lack of real reference file capability. I hope this deficiency can be addressed in the next edition of V-works.

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