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  1. In support of Ross Harris' point regarding Enscape in Vectorworks. A small project done two years ago. Used Enscape in Vectorworks 2022. Any of these images took seconds to generate. A couple were screen grabs from a high quality setting in the Enscape preview window. Kind regards to all in this tread. GG
  2. Hi, I keep having to deal with this bug often. From what I could tell, Matt Panzer had the programming team looking into this. Over the last few months, I started paying more attention to what is making this happen in my files. I can't speak for other users.... Below are a few things that make the windows in walls go nuts - or the walls nutty in my files. Pick one. 1. I often copy walls with windows and doors associated within the drawing. It's quicker for me. If a wall has windows in it - after I use the copy command the windows will no longer be cutting through the walls. Same thing would happen when a wall would be moved with the move command. 2. Selecting the walls and dragging them to a location would create the same conditions with windows cutting through a wall One way I was able to fix this. Not a 100 percent but works well enough. Before moving or copying walls I would unjoin the walls with the wall breaks tool and proceed to copy or move. Don't know if this is a good fix for others but it works well enough with my workflow. Observation; Using the remove wall brakes tool will cause the offending windows not cutting through walls to disappear. This would suggest that the walls don't know what they associated with and loose all associated cuts and doors info. Don't know if it's a proper fix Kind regards to all :- )
  3. Did you look into Enscape? Image quality, subscription cost and the workflow process are all quite good.
  4. Please add one more person to the list of users wishing for such a feature in the smart marker functionality 🙂
  5. Hi Christian, Thanks for your help. I did that not improve. Matt's quick fix by moving the wall 0,0 helps only some. The result is that all the doors in the wall get deleted afterwards. Ended up reinserting the doors again. More work to do just to get back to where I'd been. 🙄
  6. Sent you a Vector works file via direct message. This screengrab shows the condition
  7. Pitching in my 5 cents. We have this same issue. It keeps coming back at random. The only way to fix it was to delete the wall make a new one and reinsert the window or door. Not a good. Vectorworks Architect 2022 sp4 windows 11 pro install version 21H2
  8. My 5 cents. Vectorworks 2D is good enough for what we need it to do....nobody's perfect sort to speak : - ) I keep a current license of Revit LT Suite. It comes with Autocad LT included. It is helpful when working with outside consultants and others who are Autodesk based. We use it to open the original format files form consultants. Need to know if something got missed in translations. It is also most helpful when we need to verify our own drawings after converting them to something Autodesk based. Same for Sketchup.
  9. I had been posting this same wish a few times over now. It's under the Xref clip & Xref copy, rotate etc. It looked to me that some people on this board didn't like it because it sounds too much like turning VW into Autocad. Well, I don't like Autocad but this is the one and only thing I miss about it. Microstation had this in V4(almost ten years ago, back in 1994) well before the ACAD guys could think of it. This is someting great once seen in action. Please make this a feature in VectorWorks 11. I think it is long overdue. Thanks!
  10. I wish, I wish and I wish: 1. Pantone colour picker within the VW colour selector for objects' colour fills 2. Imported image (bitmaps) cropping 3. Referenced files cliping, copy, rotate. In general, so the referenced files could be easier manipulated while still being linked and updated when the original referenced files changes - is saved by the other user working on it. 4.Copy with respect to a reference point - pick the object, copy and then click where to put it.
  11. This feature is someting that could be very helpfull in the event where more than one person works on the project. The way the program is setup is great for a smaller team. Having all the cad data in one place is rather effective. However, I am runing into trouble when I need to divide the work among several people. Any input on how to solve this issue prior to the apearance of xref clip and copy would be greatly welcome.
  12. Hi there, Jan15, you might as well think so, however I could not possibly comment. I would like to conclude my contribution to this post by just saying this: There is and always shall be a great need for a healthy exchange of opinions. We can learn much from each other on this board. I try to visit this board a few times a week. Every so often I can learn a better way to make VW work for me. However, I get very turned off by fanaticism in any shape or form.
  13. Sorry, but for the most part, you missed my point. Working drawings? Fine, remember tracing on mylar? Blowups were done well that way. Enlarge, trace and done. Much better than layouts from point zero. The tracing part is what I like skipping since we now enjoy the benefits of the computer age. To make it easier. I had the chance to work in these programs for an extensive period of time: 1.Arris still on UNIX way before the windos world came to life 2.Microstation 3.AutoCad R11 & R12 4.IBM AES 5.AutoCAD R14 & 2000 6.Vectorworks and Minicad 8 before that. The result of all this is that my office standard is VW. However we still need to have a copy of Autocad around to make ther whole business thing work. Silmpy when it came time to setup my own business I could not justify using an expensive full Autocad system. VW and AacdLT did the trick for under $1,500.00 combined. Left me with enough dough to buy a plotter and I was in business. In conclusion, Xref clip is something one has to experience to belive the benefis it can bring to the production/design process. Time is money when it comes to having all the files update at once. Imagine having 20-30 details done that way. Updating/modifying them one at a time is not so great when you try to make a living doing Architecture. The time coordinating al this could be spent someplace else. I don't use the xerox machine much these days.
  14. P.S. Katie, Can I send you a TIFF image of what I am trying to accomplish? Greg
  15. All this helps a great deal. However, I still have one problem. When I break up from the layer link to use a part of the drawing i.e. file, all of a sudden I lose the ability to draw in one place and have all the other drawings & details updated at once. I need to go into every one and change it to the latest version. Not good if I need to minimize the amount of time on tproducing the design documents. What you suggest almost works but still no cigar. Thanks for the reply.
  16. I am working on a complicated wall/plan relationship. I wanted to rotate the result and put into diferent layers where I can play with the scales in order to produce blowups of a part of plan and elevation in one sheet. Here is the part I like about the concept: It saves a great deal of time. Just like the old days of going to the xerox machine and coping a part of the drawing, blowing it up and puting it on a sheet of design drawings
  17. This discussion is something that is of great interest to me. Some time ago I posted a wish for Xrefs clipping and the ability to copy the the result. I wanted to rotate the result and put into diferent layers where I can play with the scales in order to produce blowups of a part of plan and elevation in one sheet. Where did I get this nutty Idea from? I had both the pleasure and pain to work in Microstation and ACAD the last few years. Both programs are able to do this with their Xrefs. Here is one for the record: Microstation had the Xref clip ability way before ACAD even knew it could be done. Back in 1994 when I worked in MicrostationV4 ACAD was in R11 in DOS (talk about self mutulation). ACAD Xref clips did not appear unitl R14, I think. Here is the part I like about the concept: It saves a great deal of time. Just like the old days of going to the xerox machine and coping a part of the drawing, blowing it up and puting it on a sheet of design drawings. Don't get me wrong I lake a great deal of things about VW but this one could make it sooo much better. In general I think too many people forget that every one program has something to teach us. I it is good why not use it. For my part I like the wheel and just because some other guy invented it does not mean I will keep on walking. NNA! Give this feature to the masses and you shall reap the rewards of not having to take the vports issue to hard.
  18. I couldn't agree more. The big guys - ACAD & Microstation had this option a few years back. The reference manipulation features could save hundreds of hours of work
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