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vsoStateAddCurrent and EventMessage = 14

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In the procedure I call for the kObjOnAddState event has the following set of lines



EventMessage := vsoStateAddCurrent(PIOHan, EventMessage);

IF EventMessage = 14 THEN {Cable Instance is DELETED}


{Gets rid of stuff in other objects}



However the EventMessage that is returned when I move a cable from one layer to another is also “14”.  This results in the {Gets rid of stuff in other objects} code being executed.  Clearly I don’t have a good understanding of what’s happening.


Is there a way to distinguish between moving a cable from layer to layer and deleting the cable?

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I looked into my notes and found this list of events that occur on specific triggers. Looking at these events, it seems that to move an object to another layer it's destroyed and recreated after, or at least those states are triggered. The internal index of the object stays the same though.


With the SDK you can actually catch that exception when looking at the data provided in the event 14, but I'm unsure if this is available in Vectorscript.



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