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Control geometry node - how to read real position of an object

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Hi all,

I've tried to create a network that distributes symbols along path, but at the same time it also places them on the DTM. I created a simple node to place objects on a DTM and whole network works fine until I try to covert this network into Marionette Object.


For a path I tried to use Control Geometry node, but it looks like this node always moves selected object to the origin using centre (weight) point as a reference. As a result whole network does not read actual location (XYZ values) of the selected object, but it calculates all further operations using relocated to the origin values. As a result I cannot get the proper distribution on the DTM, since DTM is not located in the origin.


Picture A1 - base result. Only 2 last objects are moved on the DTM, but with wrong Z values.

Picture A2 - result when Marionette object is moved to the origin. It clearly shows that only the last 2 object are "on" the DTM, with correct Z values, which indicates what I've mentioned above - network uses relocated path instead of real location.



Obj on DTM.vwx

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Use the Marionette Object node (previously Parent PIO/PIO Handle) within your network and get the coordinates of that. That returns the location of the Marionette Object on the drawing area. 


Let me know if you need more guidance. 

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