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Select System Objects does not select all objects


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As above- This command doesn't not link through truss crosses, or drops. Why not?


Also, reconfiguring one section of a complex system will often break other connections in the system, with no additional interaction. 


Anybody else experiencing this?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The truss system definition is the directly connected trusses and the load objects that are connected to it. Any supporting rigging object is used to define where one system finishes and the next starts.
A good way to see what is in a truss system and how it relates to the rest of the rigging is to use the change trim height of system command. Use the Change dropdown to see what will be affected by the command, the affected systems will be highlighted.


On 4/17/2023 at 11:08 PM, Wood said:

Also, reconfiguring one section of a complex system will often break other connections in the system, with no additional interaction.

How are you reconfiguring your system?
Depending on what you are doing to reconfigure (there are many options), this could either be the expected behavior or a bug but without specific details I can't say for sure.


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There is a bug. 


In one instance, deleting truss prompted the dialog to remove hoists that were disconnected. When selecting OK, adjacent hoists that were not related to that system were also deleted. You also have to change view or zoom to make the truss actually disappear/update. 


In another instance, reconnecting one hoist by dragging off and then dragging back on to the red line caused 3 hoists on a different (but connected by a drop)truss line to disconnect.


I'll try to send you a video and some files in a few weeks when I'm done with these projects.  



Having an option to select an entire connected system would be great. Braceworks is really too finicky to attempt to calculate an entire drawing at once, so everybody I know calculates one truss line/system at a time. In order to capture an entire system one must often spend a lot of time selecting objects, only to have to do it again when you find out there is something like a disconnected hoist that needs to be addressed. Many of my complex projects will have Spanner trusses connecting through drops to a lighting truss, that may again have another component sub-hung from it that is also connected by either a drop or a truss cross. Calculating these is supremely frustrating, and in fact I've fallen back to my old manual calculations in many instances because I just don't have all day to massage braceworks into submission, and then massage it some more if I make any small changes. 



While I have your attention- Is there any plan to make 'Grapple' or T-type connections work? I realize there would be issues with the FEM roll component, as well as truss manufacturer chord rating considerations, but being able to at least transmit the vertical forces into the calculation sure would be nice. They are essentially corner blocks, and they are used in the real world often. 



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