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Another wish list!




I see users actually getting responses on their wish lists so I thought I might add some myself. I am currently using VW 8.0.1 (Mac) so I don?t know if any of my suggestions are already implemented in VW 8.5. When is VW 8.5 coming out in Norway anyway?

Lets get on with the list:

VW should support shift/ctrl/opt/cmnd modifier keys for all shortcuts, not just the option modifier for some shortcuts as it is today. I have simply run out of free keys on my keyboard and this would also allow more logical grouping of shortcuts. All keys should of course be user defineable.

The layout grid should extend infinately. The sheet of paper is just not a good reference! Multiple saveable print sizes or paper sheets with individual placement would be another nice feature.

Some sort of "clipping path" or masking for linked layers and bitmaps would make it easier to print just a part of a drawing or put together drawings with multiple scales, without using white fill to cover up overlapping parts of the drawing.

This should cover what I think are major issues with VW, lets hope someone listens.


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More keyboard shortcuts:

This is a common request, and one which I think we'd like to grant. The problem is complicated, however, by these facts:

- we support both Macintosh and Windows

- VectorWorks workspace files are cross-platform

- the Windows modifiers (shift/control/alt) don't mesh nicely with the Macintosh modifiers (command, option, shift, control)

Believe me, this is entered into the wish list!

Infinite grid:

I don't think you'll see an infinite grid any time soon, as that would mean that the coordinates of the things you draw could be arbitrarily large. Computers don't handle that sort of thing well at all -- they strongly prefer that we use data types that fit into their registers. However, if a 'larger' grid will work for you rather than an infinite one, you can always increase the size of the drawing using the Set Printable Area command.

Caleb Strockbine


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Maybe I should clarify things a little.

You don?t have to supply users with a complete set with hundreds of shortcuts, It?s the customization I am interested in, preferably with combinations of modifier keys.

Basically an "infinite" grid is just a question of having visual guidance that fills the screen, like it is common with other CAD applications.

In general I think you should make clearer distinctions between "screenspace", "modelspace" and "paperspace".

Some examles:

-The placement of the 2D component in extrudes is not updated when you move the extrude or the paper.

-The position of objects in DXF import and export is more affected by the location of the paper than the actual coordinates.

-If you move the paper while you are in isometric view the z-coordinate will be altered, quite illogical if you ask me.

As a result of this it is practically impossible to move the paper around after you have started your work. Your 2D drawing or 3D model should not be affected of something like paper size and position, which only is interesting when you want to print something.


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I just came to think of some additional minor improvements:

Make it an option to remove zoom and view changes from the undo list so that only real changes to whatever you are working on is undone.

Make it possible to have transparent (no fill) haches without using the "bucket" tool. Some way to move the starting point for hatches, one object at a time, would also be nice.


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I agree the paper space move changing the model coordinates is not a good thing. I find it very difficult to do any accruate 3-d layout with VW because of this. As a beginner, it is extremely hard to know how objects relate in space, and this is compounded when the base coordinates of an object can be totally skewed by a paper move in a non standard view. Is there anything like world or absolute coordiantes for objects in VW?

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Re: Modifier keys. I don't think the matching of PC and Macs is relevant. We only want more modifier keys enabled so we don't have to mess with Quickeys to get our work done. Whether they are Alt on the PC and CMD on the Mac is irrelevant.

Also, all commands should accessable by key stroke, and not exclusively by mouse clicking.

VW has a great many features. I only use a handful. I am much more concerned that the basic commands do not work well. Joins, convert to surface, dimensions, highlighting selected objects, and many others don't work very well - they frequently misfire. The join command is particularly frustrating. The lifetimes of many tools is wrong. They should die after one click and sometimes it takes much to much effort to get them to work properly. The user should have the option to click once for one shot and double click for sustained life. The dialog boxes that come on for double click could be moved to shift click or something else. These dialog boxes are redundant with the Ohject Info box - you don't need both. The object info box could do all the tasks of the double click dialog boxes. Defaults for lines, arrows, colors, hatches are hard to control. Sometimes they don't set and I have to keep repeating the setup.

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