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  1. OS X is around the corner. We plan to upgrade in full at my company. the combination of unix and Mac is just killer. When will the carbonized version of VectorWorks be released? Any timeframe so that we can start planning our move..
  2. Actually, Adobe is suing Macromedia for copying the drag and drop pallettes. But this is still the way to go imho. VW already uses the palette metaphor, and should just extend it. We've been asking for this feature for a while now. Don't seem to get any response from the VW team. Anyone listening?
  3. I've been asking for this for a long time. Form-Z has a great implementation of the feature, so does Carrara 1.0
  4. This is a badly needed feature. I prefer Adobe Type Layer/Classes palette as opposed to a AutoCAD type scroll window. Check out the layers menu in the latest Illustrator 9.0 for some ideas... Please, please include this in the next rev!
  5. Nevermind! Got it up and running in Classic without a hitch.... Had the QD3D libraries turned off... Works without a hitch...Although VW feels a little slow especially on the redraws and window resizing. Makes my Pismo G3/500 feel like a 604 at times... Anyways, Apple's not fine tuned the graphics drivers yet. The performance is very acceptable!
  6. Does not launch in Classic. Has anyone got this to work? Running on a PowerBook 500 with 192 MB ram..
  7. I've noticed that the Zoom capability of VW 8.5.2 is not very reliable especially at high resolutions. Objects seem to appear fine in blocks (and nested blocks). But certain objects seem to disappear at random. upon zooming in the drawing. This is very, very aggravating. Anyone else have the same problems? BTW, I'm using a G4/500, 512 MB ram, ATI 128 with 32 MB VRAM. On a PC things seem to be even more unpredictable.
  8. And before I forget, learn how to use guide layers too. This will help you a lot in relative input of co-ords. In addition, readup on Classes and different class view options.
  9. Vectorworks has the BEST support of relative co-ordinates. I am ex user of AutoCAD and DesignCAD. I do not plan to look back on those peices of software ever again. Learn how to use the constraints palette and learn how to use the co-ordinate inputs in those little boxes on the top of the window. Spend a few mins playing around with the software, and I assure you that you will never go back!! BTW, I am just a satisfied user of the software and do not work for Diehlgraph.
  10. Can confirm same behaviour with 9.0.4 and VW8.5.2... Finder froze on me while double ckining VW documents....
  11. I guess I'm not alone. Finder crashed on me several times when double clicking a VW852 file... I'm running 9.0.4 update
  12. Full support of boolean primitives or, and, xor operations on 2d and 3d objects that works reliably acrross multiple onjects. This would open up a whole avenue of possibilities for custom solutions based upon Vectorworks.
  13. 1. The resource palette could use a better gui--Disclosure triangles for symbol folders and drag and drop ordering of symbols within the resource palette. Make it more finder like! 2. Carbonize VW. OpenGL support on the Mac! I don't want to run VW in the classic environment anymore! 3. Add class/layer transparency. Just like in Illustrator/Photoshop. 3. Provide full AppleScript/VB support for those unwilling to learn VScript.
  14. I am looking to buy a computer for some of our cadworl. Most of the work is strictly 2D layout, mainly composed of large arrays of predefined symbols. Price for the CAD system is not an issue. What is the best platform for VW? I am considering a G4/500 and a Athlon 800. Any benchmarks comparisions will be welcome.
  15. Allow units to be defined in Microns and Angstroms. For some reason VW doesnot allow use of extended Mac Font symbols for greek alphabet mu and the Angstrom symbol in the units definition.
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