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Dynamic direct text input

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Hey guys,


I was wandering if there is a way to setup a symbol or plugin sort of, with direct text input


As in the photo, this warning block would be scattered everywhere with X is changing to numbers 01, 02, etc. at the moment it is a group with yellow triangle and text, and to edit the text I have to go into the group every time.


Or is it possible to have text inside the triangle with direct edit like in word or photoshop for example? 



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No way I know of to do direct text entry but a couple of ways that could make it easier.


You could either make a Data Tag. You could then double click on the Tag and get a dialog box to enter the value you want.


Or you could make it a Symbol with Linked Text to Record and then edit the value in the Data pane of the OIP.


And using the Linked Text To Record option you could also set up a worksheet to display all the symbols and their record values and change the values from the worksheet.

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My 2¢


In a previous life ... We used a custom numbering plug in that would allows us to place a specific symbol and indicate the number in this symbol. It was used to sequentially number Frames / Positions in a systematic trade show design plan view. Numbering could start with a user defined selection. The numbers were consecutive, so the user would simply - click, click, click, to place this symbol with the number being automatically generated.


We could then add more symbols on the drawing for revisions, consecutively or not, with the restart number selected at any point - or the user could re number the existing symbols on the drawing, again with a user selected a starting point.


As a quick test - see the attached - I altered this symbol (Wall#) in an old drawing, with a yellow triangle background 



(I have yet to try this -  I am told, that there is a Numbering Plug In @ https://benghiatlighting.com/software/product/savvy-sequencer-2/  that you may want to explore)




Numbering Symbol_1.pdf

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