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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to simply have a steel column in a corner wall, how can I do this when joining the walls result in weird connections as simple as this
  2. Thank you very much Pat, I really appreciate your help, sure I will contact them. Cheers
  3. Yes, it seems like this is a software bug, I tried restarting the file but still the same issue.
  4. Unfortunately, it's a work/company work file, I don't really own the rights to share it.
  5. but I already have different other records, that's how I manipulate the visualization, but it seems that this thing is buggy, I can't even change the criteria to anything else, I have to add then delete the one with record.
  6. Thank you, Jeff, but unfortunately, I do export multiple files and it would take a lot of time to do simple stuff. cheers
  7. Thank you Pat, I tried to do it but it did not work. Nothing happens when I try to change the criteria, it is always stuck on 01.
  8. Hey everyone, Is there a way to hide objects/lines with specific record? I have no idea why Vectorworks when exporting to DWG objects with none fill/pen in data visualisation is still showing up in the dwg file. I there a way to hide it other than relying on classes because that would cause a lot of mess and make things more complicated cheers
  9. Thank you @Tom W. it works now. Any ideas why this happens? is it a glitch or probably wall was connected to another one?
  10. Hey I am trying to find why some of the walls do have missing lines, it seems like they are connected to something, but I don't know what or where the problem disappears when I create new walls but the existing ones could not figure out how to fix it. any ideas?
  11. Worked flawlessly, Thank you very much. If possible could you please share a link to a tutorial or webpage to understand how to assign a shortcut for it, I was able to assign a shortcut for it but it does not work. cheers
  12. Thank you Tom Sorry I was not clear enough but this is not what I meant, I want to make a shortcut to view others as grey or as it is
  13. Hey Is there a way to make a shortcut to grey(or not) others while editing instead of going to the preferences menu every time?
  14. Hey guys When I try to edit a solid object, the context is not visible even when show others is on, layer + classes set to view all, the base solid is away from where it is and it is impossible to edit/extrude the solid directly if I don't see the context. any ideas?
  15. what worked for me (on fresh windows 11) is to edit the Host file in system32 folder and remove all Vectorworks lines or restore it original file, or just get the file from a different computer.
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