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  1. Hey everyone I am trying to create cuts thought bespoke furniture seating, I have created the 3d model, Layer cut plane is set to 1000. I am able to have one viewport look exactly as I want it to, however when I try to have other cuts it does not show properly. The way I do is by extracting the 2d from the auto-hyprid model and put the 2d graphics on annotations. But this takes a lot of work and especially when I update the 3d model. Is there a way to view just fills not as shaded or rendered, as it takes longer to update the viewport and it does not look as good as if it is just 2d fill. here is an example of what I want to replicate What I want is a way to control how the cuts look and also control the cut plane height. hopefully that's clear 😄
  2. Hey Is there a way to add a tag/ call out to refer to a specific sheet that also updates the text/naming when the sheet name has been updated instead of doing it manually? Thanks
  3. Hey I have this problem that viewports are inconsistent in showing the same objects with the same properties, for example it shows the columns direction for some columns and not all of them (I don't want to show the direction arrows or any arrows) I tried almost every setting but not sure what is causing this problem. Any idea what's going on?
  4. Hey guys, I was wandering if there is a way to setup a symbol or plugin sort of, with direct text input As in the photo, this warning block would be scattered everywhere with X is changing to numbers 01, 02, etc. at the moment it is a group with yellow triangle and text, and to edit the text I have to go into the group every time. Or is it possible to have text inside the triangle with direct edit like in word or photoshop for example?
  5. Yes it is definitely easier, however the projects turn over is very high that's why a 2D drawing would be enough.
  6. Thank you for your reply, I do completely agree, however that's a shared project between different people, and the way it is setup is to have layers for stories/levels rather for each drawing.
  7. hey guys I was wondering if there is a way to edit viewports in-place without having to go back to design layer. If I am doing just 2d drawings and need to have a reference viewport of the plan to draw elevation/projections quickly, but it is not an easy process to have a reference viewport and go back&forth editing the plan and elevation simultaneously without having this transition to the plan design layer then exit this viewport, because it also hides is far away from the elevation so direct projection is not possible anymore to quick edit. Hopefully someone have a better way to do it. thanks
  8. Hey guys, I am trying to simply have a steel column in a corner wall, how can I do this when joining the walls result in weird connections as simple as this
  9. Thank you very much Pat, I really appreciate your help, sure I will contact them. Cheers
  10. Yes, it seems like this is a software bug, I tried restarting the file but still the same issue.
  11. Unfortunately, it's a work/company work file, I don't really own the rights to share it.
  12. but I already have different other records, that's how I manipulate the visualization, but it seems that this thing is buggy, I can't even change the criteria to anything else, I have to add then delete the one with record.
  13. Thank you, Jeff, but unfortunately, I do export multiple files and it would take a lot of time to do simple stuff. cheers
  14. Thank you Pat, I tried to do it but it did not work. Nothing happens when I try to change the criteria, it is always stuck on 01.
  15. Hey everyone, Is there a way to hide objects/lines with specific record? I have no idea why Vectorworks when exporting to DWG objects with none fill/pen in data visualisation is still showing up in the dwg file. I there a way to hide it other than relying on classes because that would cause a lot of mess and make things more complicated cheers
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