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Aspect map - has anyone worked out a workflow?


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I'm trying to find a way to build an aspect map in VW, seeing as VW has the Slope Analysis tool and can make (rather basic) ZVI [Zone of Visual Influence] analyses I thought there'd be a aspect map capability somewhere but haven't found anything searching searching on here. 


Maybe someone's done this in Marionette and not talking about it...

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19 hours ago, jeff prince said:

It would be nice to have this functionality within Vectorworks instead of having to go to a proper GIS.

It would, I've done it in QGIS and have a workflow now but it's quite a bit of time learning that (although only 10 mins or so now I know the way), it's just something I would have expected VW would have as they're most of the way there with the slope map.

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