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Placing structural member at locus point


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Hi everybody,


I have a litle experience with vectoreworks and totally new at marionette. For my next new job I will be in charge of choosing the right BIM solution, and after 10 years of tears with Revit (which is a good software altough) I started using VW again after years, and I would like to propose it as BIM solution in my office. I finished the beginning and intermediate course of VW university and now I wanted to verify and understand the potential of marionette comapred to dynamobim. I just finished the 1st monday webinar, and I was courious if there is a way to automatically place a structural member (not an extrusion, the structural column object) at locus point as created inside the polyline at the end of the 1st monday webinar. I apologize if I make a stupid question but I did not find anything in the forum or in the web. Any suggestion?

placing structural member.JPG

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The CreateCustomObject or CreateCustomObjectPath nodes in the BIM:Symbols folder of the Marionette nodes should be able to place a Structural Column. I don't have time right now to actually try and make it work, but it is (should be) possible. 


If you can use CreateCustomObject, then it should be able to just replace the Create Locus node.


If you need to use CreateCustomObjectPath (due to the type of object), it will be created at 0,0 in the local (inside the marionette) coordinates and you can then use the location generated for the locus to move the column.



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Hi Pat, thanks for your help.

I tried to follow your instruction. I inserted a column, named it Prova, added the create custm obj node, set name of the object with a name node, integer for the angle, but when I run it it create copy of the column in the same place of the column itself instead of copying it in each Locus point created inside the polyline.

I probably forget to set something nu I cant find out what901569352_ScreenShot2022-12-30at00_55_50.thumb.png.29172c943741ca8fb3d39f3f88c47ce8.png


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Hi Antonio, I tried your suggestion, end changing the "name" with a "string" one, whit "column2" worked (I have problem uploading picture now but I'll try again later) and If I use the "get symbol from folder" node, even if set a column style, it does not work, (at least I was not able, may be I'm  missing something).


My goal now is to be able to insert a "structural member" object, not the "column" object.



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