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Graphic Legend Enhancements



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On 12/21/2022 at 11:56 AM, _James said:

2. "Cell Visibility and Sorting"


When i've used the Graphic Legend for a window schedule and tried to turn off certain fields, the names of each cell are not very intuitive. In my opinion the "Summary Value" should be the name/tag of the window so that you can quickly understand what you are turning on/off.




"the names of each cell are not very intuitive" is a great bit of understatement here!


Agreed on all the requests, and a bit disappointing there's no response to this from anyone at VW - given that this is one of the headline new features of VW2023.


On request 4, not sure how this would work for symbols which have several instances, the context of each of which might be different. Presumably there would have to be the ability to specify a particular instance, and then further controls about the extent of the context, what is included in it and so on. It could get complicated.

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The thing I would really love and put it above anything else for the graphic legend as a feature is splitting up across pages as that as a feature would have saved me 3-4 days of work creating 300 sheets manually.


I think the graphics legend is very powerful what you can do with it and hope its pushed for future releases and will help us do so much more with sheets.


I am thinking graphics legend is like master pages in indesign or affinity publisher where you can change one and it changes hundreds of pages. even if the updates for the pages take over night to process it is still one night compared with days for hundreds of items.

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