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worksheet functions and define graphic legend field

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Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place but it might relate to data tags too so here goes:


I'm trying to parse out words that are part of a symbol name for a graphic legend field (text). The symbol name is made up of a reference (ex.L12) and a description (ex. recessed lighting), for an overall name of 'L12 recessed lighting'. I thought it might be possible to use the worksheet SubString function to, for example, get the first word - #WS_SUBSTRING(#SYMBOL#, ' ', 1)#, but this does not work. Can anyone help with this task - or maybe it is not possible? 


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I don't think you can mix and match the DataTag #--# format and the WS_Formula tags that way.


I have found that if you use a #WS_ function, then everything inside the WS function must be exactly the same as you would use in a worksheet.


So using just SymbolName instead of #Symbol# inside the #WS_Substring function will give you what you want.  


This tag uses the #DataTag# functions to return the complete symbol name on the first line and then uses the #WS functions to return just the part to the left of the first space on the second line.




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