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Worksheet Database reporting Dimension Object Info

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Good Day All,


I would like to create a worksheet pulling in all the dimensions in a project.

The main reason is to see all Leader, Trailer, and notes of both dimensions and chain dimensions.

A bonus if we can pull in the dimension style.


It appears that the dimension record is hidden to users any one know where to find the values for the headers, if it is even possible?

Any help would be great.



Small Rant;

Why at this stage of VWs do I still struggle using dual dimensions.

Who decided that the [ ] should be a default for secondary units? Why can't I change it by default?

Why can I not have a check box on a viewport to force dimensions into imperial, metric, or both? 

Why do some objects have options to be either metric or imperial but not all? For instance the stake object now has the ability to choose units, but the grade object nope no choice only reports primary as per document preferences. errrrr


OK rant over. Thanks for reading 🙂 


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Dimensions are core objects of VW (from the ancient MiniCAD days), they are note PIOs so they don't specifically have a "Record" to be able to access.


There are Vectorscript commands to access most, if not all, aspects of Dimensions. So some relatively short Worksheet Scripts can be written that will let you get what you want.


Create a new Script in the Resource Manager named DimInfo. Copy the following script into the blank Vectorscript Editor Window. Click OK.


Create a worksheet database that lists your dimensions. In a database header row cell enter a formula of:


=RunScript(DimInfo, 9)


This will return the Leader Info for each dimension in the database.


Change the 9 to return other values:


10 = Trailer

27 = Dimension Style Name

1233 = Note.




Procedure DimInfo;
{©2022 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

{No Warranty Expressed or Implied. Use at your own risk.}

{Run using a syntax in the worksheet cell of:  =RunScript(DimInfo, X)}
{Replace the X with the correct value to return the sting you want}
{9 = Leader Text}
{10 = Trailer Text}
{27 = Dimension Style Name}
{1233 = Note Text}




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