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2023 - Elevation Bench Marks - Horizontal Leader Changes Colors when editing?



Using Vw2023 SP1, I modified one of the built-in Elevation Bench Mark styles to my liking (using guidance from @sbarrett in THIS other thread). I added them to my file (started in Vw2022, migrated to Vw2023) and everything looked fine.


Now I've returned to that same file several days later, added some more EBMs (using that same EBM Style) to other SL section viewports, and now the EBM Horizontal Leader line is transparent. This has also affected the EBMs that I had placed previously, now they have all lost their Horizontal Leader lines. 


Sometimes changing the EBM to use an offset leader would trigger the correct Solid color linetype, other times not...


SO -- I found that by each time I edit the EBM Style, the Leader Pen Color is changing from Black to White (!?!) This change is also reflected in the placed EBMs in my SLVP annotations.

See the attached recording: Note that I am not changing any settings in between the Leader Pen colors changing.


I have also attached a sample file with the EBM Style which demonstrates this behavior.


What - the what - is going on? I'm really hoping to keep using Vw2023... but...

2023 ebm test.vwx

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To follow up on my original post, I have further discovered that dragging copies of EBMs (have to be EBM not bound to a level so that you can drag them) will also trigger the Leader Pen Color changing on its own. Also changing the text in the Note Field on the EBM OIP will also trigger it.


Kind of hard to maintain expected visual standards with Styles when they seem to have a mind of their own.


[Note: I filed a VSS Service Select Support Request for this yesterday but have yet to receive any reply].



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