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Globe Plants-how to use in Landmark

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On 9/29/2022 at 9:15 AM, Ben Beaumont said:

There are a couple of ways to use Globe Plants. 

1. Globe Plants will sell you image files for which you can create Image Props. [Very quick and effective.] 

2. Use Enscape and place the Enscape Asset in Vectorworks and render in Enscape. [Amazing results.]

Thanks for your help, what type of file format of theres would be best for option 2? i want to do a test run



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Nat, if you're wanting to use images, then .png supports alpha channels (transparent background) which you'll need for Image Props. 

If you're wanting to use the mesh objects in Vectorworks (Caution!*) then Globe Plants will provide low poly .obj files. 

Are you aware there are sample files in our (Australian and New Zealand) libraries? In 2023 you will find them in the RM via:
Vectorworks Libraries > Plants > _Plant (styles) > ANZ Globe Plants Sample Pack (mesh).vwx and

Vectorworks Libraries > Plants > _Plant (styles) > ANZ Globe Plants Sample Pack (Props).vwx


There are also Image Prop symbols in both formats for Architects. 


For Enscape, contact Globe Plants. They will set you up with the Enscape Assets that you'll need to install into Enscape. From memory the assets will be revealed in the Vectorworks Enscape Plug-in widget. I have seen a User successfully associate these assets with the 3D components of Plant Styles. However I haven't tested this. 


[*As @jeff prince intimates, the mesh objects tend to be heavy and you'll take a performance hit. Use with caution.]


You can contact us directly for Support. 

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