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Polyline Interior Vertices


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I'm interested in listing the coordinates for the vertices of 2d features via python/vs. However, if I clip a hole out of the middle of the shape, I don't see any way to interact with the interior vertices of the resulting polylines. GetVertNum and the Object Info Palette both only list the vertices on the outside ring of the polyline. Is there something I'm missing here?


I've attached an example, where VW displays 5 vertices instead of the desired 9.




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As usual, @Pat Stanfordbeat me to the punch 😉


Check out this example for reference.

	H, H1 :Handle;
	I :Integer;
	B :Boolean;

      H := FSActLayer;			{ H is a handle to a Polyline }

      B := GetNumHoles(H, I);		{ I has the # of holes in the Polyline; and B is TRUE if (H<>nil) - Not very useful. }
      while (I > 0) do begin		{ loop through the holes }
            B := GetHole(H, I, H1);	{ H1 now has a handle to one of the hole objects }
            I := I - 1;
      end;		{ while }



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