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Rendering and Layers


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I have a multilayer drawing of a machine part, and I want to include a 3D rendering of the part. Everytime that I try to render the object, all layers except the one that I am rendering disappear. This happens with Open GL and Renderworks, but not with the Polygon rendering. However, I want to use Open GL or Renderworks for this task. Putting all the information from the various layers onto one sheet would work, but that's not practical for my work. Help.

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You can only render one layer at a time. So if you need multiple layers rendered, you'll need to make a layer link and render the layer with the layer link on it.

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the problem i am experiencing seems very similar to JimmySalmon's.

When i use custom renderworks, it blocks out other layers. After some experimenting, i have found that it only affects layers that are lower in the stacking order.

In my drawing i have the MODEL layer shown in plan, an ELEVATION layer linked to the model, and an ISOMETRIC layer also linked to the model.

Right now I can't get every layer to show unless i only render the bottom-most layer.

At this point, can anything be done to get all three layers rendered using custom renderworks?

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YOu are not going to be able to render both layers at the same time.

If you have Architect 10 - the model view tool will allow you to have multiple combinations of layers set at different views, all on the courtesy of one layer - allowing a user to render all views of a model.

Another option would be to use the Render Bitmap tool to render one layer, copy the image to another layer you want to render and render the second layer.

You'll have a rendered image of layer 1 in the format of a bitmap, and you can use the rendering menu on layer 2 to render it.

Image files are 2d and do not need to be rendered.

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