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Clip Cube Wireframe Viewport (?)



Clip cube shows correctly in Design Layer renderer: Wireframe. 

Making a Viewport and Display With Clip Cube selected. 

Viewport shows the whole darn model!

Buggy-bug? Or is it supposed to work this way? 

I seem to remember that you could do Wireframe + Clip Cube in a VP

Plz halp


What gives? Any ideas? 

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Dumb question - so dashed hidden line in section view kind of does what I achieve, but if there's a lot, say, behind the room where my section is, how can I easily hide it rather than class every damn little thing? That's what I was trying to do by using clip cube lolol. 

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it's neither here nor there (literally) because i just tested it (my hopes and dreams are crushed)


2 options:

  1. try to control as much as possible with section viewport OIP settings, properties... 
  2. as much as i cringe to say this (i have a buddy that does this all the time), take a screenshot, and import the image to a sheet layer (just threw up in my mouth and swallowed a little)
    • to me, this is the nail in the coffin about how the clip cube workflow fails documentation (or rather documentation fails the clip cube)


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