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Found 16 results

  1. OneDrive Support for Cloud Rendering Would be great if we could use Onedrive just like you can Google Drive and Dropbox. Onedrive is free with Office so seems silly to pay for another service
  2. Too often I find Vectorworks Cloud Services is not running for some reason or another. One way around this on macOS is to use Lingon 3 (5 bucks on the app store) to ensure not only that the app runs at login and startup but that it will also be restarted if it crashes. It's basically an app for managing macOS's launchd backend services. Not sure if there's a Windows equivalent but I'm sure somebody will chime in.
  3. Like the existing locally self-hosted Project Sharing Server, but hosted over the internet by Vectorworks Cloud Services. The benefits of Project Sharing Server brought to those who work remotely in teams.
  4. I have a Working File open, with the Project File stored on VCS. I go to File > Publish and chose a Sheet Layer with SLVPs, then: PDF Store and Process on Vectorworks Cloud And choose the same folder as the Project File Then Publish But I get this error? I'm doing something wrong here, right? But why does it let me get that far?
  5. One thing I love about Resilio Sync is that it provides plenty of information about sync progress. While not all of this information is necessary I do find the actual speeds and the peers I'm syncing with very useful, as it make it easier to understand if there is something wrong or not. I also find Resilio's menu bar icon clearer than any other sync service I use. It's not animated but when it's syncing the icon clearly changes with a large up and down arrow plonked on top of the normal icon. I find the little round animated dot on the Vectorworks icon too inconspicuous.
  6. I'd like VCS for Teams. What we have now is more akin to VCS personal plan. I don't like that there's no interface to administrate groups and shared folders. I want to be able to centrally manage folders and who has access to them without colleagues having to do anything at their end. At the moment an individual has to share folder(s) to everybody else. And then those people have to accept them and add them to their Home Screen. It makes for a lot of jumping through hoops and it's all a bit messy and unintuitive.
  7. If memory serves me correctly we can only use vwx standard files to generate 3D models with Cloud Services, not vwxp project files. Has this changed? Because when I right-click on a vwxp file on the web portal it will allow me generate a 3D model, but: I'm not seeing what I expect to see. Is the last save and commit meant to set the view? After right-clicking on a vwxp file and choosing generate 3D model, there's a link provided explaining how to prepare your file before generating the model, and this only mentions vwx files, not vwxp files https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/prepare-vwx-files-for-cloud-processing/?app=VECTORWORKS#three-d-model-vgx-file
  8. It would be nice if VCS could render the viewports and save cache in our VW files (as well as creating PDFs)
  9. I have set up my VW Cloud Services account and linked it with my Google Drive. There are some folders in my Google Drive that don't appear in the VW Cloud web browser. I think it's because those folders were created by someone else. Is there a workaround for this?
  10. When sharing a folder in Vectorworks Cloud Services . . . The dialog for team member permissions offers no feedback to know which option is enabled. The dialog options do highlight individually via hover, but no confirmation after click to select. Is this intended? I would prefer some notice notice of status, such as underscore or background highlight. -B
  11. I can't seem to find a straight forward tutorial on how too use the cloud rendering? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you Ethan
  12. Has anyone heard any updates about improvements on cloud rendering? It's been about a year since we've heard anything regarding it when Jim mentioned that they were looking into implementing a distributed rendering type system like Autodesk uses for their cloud rendering service..
  13. How on earth does one install the current version of cloud services? The release notes on the portal say that 6.10 is current. But whenever I download the "current" version from: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/download/latest/Mac This is what installs:
  14. Type A7 VCS test 1.pdf When I publish pdf files to cloud services transparent png images process correctly. When I generate a pdf from the vw file uploaded to cloud I get this result. What settings do I need to use to avoid this?
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