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Found 9 results

  1. It took me a lot of messing about to get the new wall closure feature working properly. This is partly because wall closures necessarily have a complex relationship with walls but I think the main problem was that Plug-in Options are tucked away in a contextual menu. And many of the problems I see people having with wall closures (and plug-in object offsets) also relates to the discoverability of Plug-in Options. I've even seen people say they haven't seen the Plug-in Options window before. Plug-in Options are quite a bit more important now that they include wall insertion and wall closure options. Indeed equally important as Settings. I think there's a simple fix for this: every single plug-in object should have a "Plug-in Options..." button in the object Info palette. And if the plug-in has a Style dropdown menu in the OIP, that also needs a "Edit Style Plug-in Options..." option. Examples of people having problems due to this lack of discoverability : https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/65619-ability-to-control-where-a-windowdoor-is-offset-from-in-a-wall/#comment-415277 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87667-2022-wall-component-modeling/#comment-405066 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87703-any-luck-with-win-door-in-2022/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/102011-door-tooloffset-gone/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/103702-problem-with-doors-in-v2022/#comment-452794
  2. When working on more than one file, it happens to us that navigation palette contents (e.g. layers, classes etc) fails to update/change when switching from one file to another. Let’s say we are working on file “A”: after switching to file “B”, leaving “A” open, navigation palette keeps showing “file A” content while “file B” is active. This seems recurrent in VW2024 (macOS Sonoma), more than it was before. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. ConnectCAD in Vectorworks 2023 promises a new contextual command to Find objects in a report. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/ConnectCAD/Creating_ConnectCAD_reports.htm#h1 Is this feature exclusive to ConnectCAD objects only? I can see this as a really useful feature for all types of reported objects in Vectorworks. Attempted to use command on door schedule, doesn't appear for door objects.
  4. I'd really like VectorWorks to move to a single unified tabbed window interface, along similar lines of Apple's Pro Apps series such as Aperture and Logic (screenshots attached below) Here's a review of Logic, which only recently gained the unified interface (the reviewer agrees with me): http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/creative/2007/09/logic-studio-8/ One of the things I really dislike about many applications is their reliance on floating palettes, toolbars and panes. Maybe these were useful at some time in some situation but I've never found them useful; just a pain in the ass to manage. But that's just me and I'm quite organised about the way I use VectorWorks. When I see how other less experienced or less organised people manage their palettes it just blows me away how inefficient the whole paradigm is. Maybe it isn't as much of an issue on Windows because Windows has "dockable" toolbars, but I think a unified window would be advantageous to Windows users too. Can anyone explain why a non-unified interface is a good thing, for instance, in light of such interface ideas as tabbed windows and tear-able palettes?
  5. Hello everyone, Any idea/suggestion on how (if) we could turn on the green progress bar for commands and operations (lower right corner)? We're experiencing inconsistent behaviour (VW2020 Architect latest version, localised and international): progress bar is always showing for backup autosave, but not for other complex operations (updating walls, spaces etc.). It seems to us this behaviour could be hardware or install related: progress bar is showing in a VW Mac Book Pro (Late 2010, vram lower than recommended specs) but neither on iMac (Late 2012, vram lower than recommended specs) nor on MacBookPro (2019, vram higher than recommended specs). Not sure if there is any setting/preference we could change. Since at the office we do work with detailed and sometimes complex files not having a progress bar is very frustrating: most of the times we're struggling understanding if VW is freezing or not, with no way to understand if a "force quit" (rather than waiting for an unpredictable time) is the right thing to do. Any suggestion is more than welcome.
  6. The "More" "Fewer" choices method for defining the database criteria arguments is pretty terrible. Most notably when you are trying to remove an argument. The "Fewer Choices" does not allow you to select which criteria you would like to remove. So if you have 4 and want to remove the top one, you have to erase it all and rebuild. "More" and "Fewer" should be replaced by a + button at the bottom of the list, and 'X' buttons by each of the existing criteria.
  7. I am sure this must have been requested in the past, but I think the cell formatting options should be brought out of the menu and simply appear as a tool bars on the editor - they way they do in Excel, Word, this forum. Have to right click or go to the format menu everytime I want to change an justification or font setting is supper time-consuming.
  8. Call calss selection input boxes should move to a hybrid drop down, but also allow direct text input with live search where the list of classes shrinks as you type - then allowing you to select with enter or mouse.
  9. When you want to change the style of a wall - you select the wall then go to the style dropdown menu, then half to select replace, then you have to select the style, and then you have to select the replacement control line. This should be streamlined. It kills me that I have a dropdown list, that I have to select "Replace" only to be brought to a new dropdown list. At VERY least, that dropdown list should contain the active styles in the document. That would cut out 2 steps right there - select the style from the list - and go right into the control line dialog.
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