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Found 9 results

  1. It would be very usefull to have an option to snap to the centre line off a walls core component. We draw structural plans and we always refer to the middle off the structural parts. Seems like a simple but realy usefull feature 😉
  2. This is new in VWX 2022, some kind of snapping bug or priority issue. The only snapping I have on is SNAP TO POINT: But even with that being the only snapping option I have on, it's still snapping to angles, which is off: With those same settings, I want to draw a line from these two locusts: When I try to do that, this is what happens: If I switch the draw mode to unconstrained mode, it works as I'd expect it to: Holding shift to temporarily turn on CONSTRAINED MODE works as it should, too. It's only a problem with constrained mode on. Any ideas? Or just another funny buggy thing.
  3. The 000 point is not universally snappable (now there is a great word). Should it be? I often need it. Seems pretty accessible in TopPlan. But … Access any 3d tool and drawing switches to Top, causing the crosshairs vanish. The 2d crosshairs show a smart cursor hint, but do not cause acquisition of a lingering snap point with red box. I often wish I could acquire 000 as a snap point with associated extension lines. One workaround is to place a 3d Locus at 000 and assign it to the Guide class, maybe even Lock it there. Is this really necessary??? Also, there used to a vwx pref for Snap To Internal Origin. V2022 seems to have hidden that pref. I searched in snaps and vwx prefs. Must be elsewhere. -B
  4. Guest

    Angle Snap problems

    So, 5 minutes ago (for no apparent reason) VW2017 simply stopped allowing its polar snap function to use arbitrary angles between those listed in the "Angles From Axes:" dialog for Smart Cursor Settings. I did nothing to provoke this behavior. Not even my usual profane name calling or angry glaring contests directed at VW. After being nice and giving VW a small rest by restarting it and going for some coffee, I returned to find no change in its denial of the existence of angles other than 30 and 45 and 90. Now, instead of letting me use a nice unconstrained angles in my designs, i can use ONLY those listed. This is a problem in every single file i open. I can turn off the angle snap to use any angle, but, get this... only if Im drawing using poly lines. (Regular single lines are still limited to the angles even when angle snap is off.) I have to turn Angle Snap on each time i have to draw a vertical or horizontal line and turn it off when i want an arbitrary angle. I'm not sure why these things happen to me. Other people in the office dont have this problem. Their Angle Snap can use both arbitrary AND listed snap rotations. Am i perhaps not firm enough? If you believe I'm being soft... Please tell me where to kick VW (specifically which part) so it will stop being stupid. Thanks so much,
  5. Hi, When I'm trying to use the Z button (snap loupe) this happens. Please watch video attached. This kinda doesn't work right? I it does, what am I missing. I want to be able to click on small details even though I'm zoomed out. Thanks! Vectorworks Designer 2021 - [Arena17.vwx] 2020-11-11 10-25-51.mp4
  6. I have uploaded a video which is easier than words... here is my issue: In this case I have 2 squares, and I need to select the 1st square clicking on its middle-point... the issue is that there are 2 overlapping snap-points, and VW selects only the one positioned as last one, which stands on top. Is there any way to "loop" or "cycle" through the available snap points? Snap.mov
  7. Couple possible pdf bugs, at least on MacOS side. I'm on High Sierra. Bug 1. •Import a vector based pdf into v2019, or v2018 (might be same situation in earlier versions). •Result is shows as PDF Page in OIP. •Toggle the OIP Snap to Geometry and verify that snaps are working. •Duplicate in Place the PDF Page (OIP identifies the dupe as PDF Page). •• The Bug: •On my system, the Snap to Geometry is still checked, but cursor cannot detect any snap points. Same lack o snaps if toggle the Snap option off/on. •• The Workaround: • Cut/Paste (including Paste in Place). Now the snaps work. OIP option also works to enable/disable snaps. Bug 2. • Use v2018 to open a v2018 file containing at least one vector PDF Page. (I haven't tried earlier versions) • Select the PDF Page and verify that the Snap to Geometry option toggles access to the snaps. • Enable the Snap to Geometry option. Save and close the v2018 file. • Open same file with v2019 and accept the conversion. • In the v2019 file, locate & select the PDF Page, and verify that Snap to Geometry is enabled. On my system, same bug as above. No snaps, even if toggle the Snap option. Same Cut/Paste workaround, too. General Notes: A PDF Page exhibiting the bug ungroups as expected to reveal the Bitmap, the white rectangle, and the geometry. (v2018 & v2019) I'm curious whether others can replicate. Win & Mac. -B
  8. I found a PDF Page anomaly. Probably a bug with a strange and easy workaround. The Setup: •Import a pdf with vectors. •Same result if Drag/drop or File>Import>Import PDF •Enable the OIP option for Snap to Geometry. •Verify that the snaps are working •Duplicate (cmd D) the PDF Page. •Note that the Snap option is enabled in the duplicate. The Bug: Snaps to geometry in the duplicate PDF Page are not working, even though the OIP option is enabled. Toggle the option off/on does not cause enable the snaps. The Workaround: Copy/Paste the duplicated PDF page. (delete the Dupe if desired) Snaps in the Copy are working as expected. Notes: 1. The snap dead duplicate(s) can be ungrouped and the underlying vectors are available as expected. 2. Same results if PDF crops are in play. Cropped duplicate has no snaps (except the perimeter crop points). Copy/Paste of the cropped duplicate snaps as expected. -B PDF Snaps.vwx
  9. Anyone else have problem snapping to internal origin? Seems like there used to be pref for this. Simple example: New blank drawing. Top Plan view Draw a circle - away from the drawing origin and not enclosing the drawing origin. Test 1 - Drag the circle by its center to the Origin. Smart Cursor indicates "Internal Origin". No snap is acquired. Release. OIP shows position at 0,0 That's working as expected. Undo to move the circle away form the origin. Test 2 - Select/Copy the circle. Hover near the Origin. Smart cursor indicates "Internal Origin". No snap is acquired. Click. Paste. OIP shows circle close, but not at 0,0. Should snap to the Origin. -B
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