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  1. I don't know what I could have done, but no matter what I select, the Object Info palette always says "No Selection." I can double click on things and move them and they react as I would expect, but no Object Info.... I can't do any work! I thought it might be a corrupt file, but I've opened up other files and it reacts the same way. Restarting the program did not help. Anyone know if there was some weird setting that I accidentally toggled? THANKS! Sky
  2. I'll give ungrouping the cabinet PIO a try. Very annoying....
  3. I just started to work on a large project that required keynoting and just realized now that changing one keynote in the database, will not automatically change the keynote references throughout the project. WTF?!? Go through each one individually and update? You have got to be kidding? Please tell me there is a way to universally update the keynote legend with the most current database information.
  4. You guys are the BEST!
  5. Never mind! I didn't realize that you could specify the number of stringers! Once I specified it as one, the guardrail went back to the right location.
  6. I can't seem to find a way to change the location of the guardrails and handrails in relationship to the stairs. They seem to only locate on the center of the stringer or at the edge of the stringer. I'm planning to do a stair with a central stringer and obviously I don't want the guardrail going through the center of the stairs. Is there a way to do that, or is just wishful thinking?
  7. Is there any way to edit the worksheet criteria now?
  8. I'm pretty sure VectorWorks can not do these things, so does anyone know if there is a plug-in I can purchase that will? * slider doors with more than two panels where each are on their own track and all operable. * corner glass slider doors (sort of like a corner window)
  9. This is to the point where I can't think about it properly. But it does turn out there is a door that is double counted on the same level so I'm sure it is a DLV. I'm still not 100% clear on what I did wrong or how to correct it, so I just manually put the correct number in front of the schedule, hiding the wrong number. LOL
  10. I completely forgot that there was a guardrail tool! I'm so used to the old VectorWorks. I only recently upgraded a few levels to the current one. Many thanks!!!
  11. Here is one that has me really stumped. I have a 3-story house and many of the windows and doors are the same, so I used and =COUNT in the database headers of the Door and Window Schedules. All of the window and door counts are perfect, except for the only window I have on the bottom floor. It counts that one twice. The opening dimensions are still properly shown. * The doors on not double counted. * I've deleted the window, and count goes from 3 to 1 (which is accurate). * I put a new one in - it goes back from 1 to 3. * I've switch it to different layers Mod-Floor-1, Mod-Slab-1, and so on and it still double counts. * I added the same window to other floors (Mod-Floor-2 and so on) and the count is accurate. Any clue as to what I could be doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated. Although I could just manually put a 2 over that box on the sheet, I'd rather have it work properly in case there are any changes during the plan check process.
  12. I can modify the handrail, but I can't modify the guardrail to continue as you could do with the old stair object... I guess I'll just have to model the guardrail manually. Very tedious. Nifty handrail BTW.
  13. There is no code that requires one baluster per tread. Balusters just need to be anchored to withstand a certain amount of pressure per lineal foot. I use a baluster at 48" maximum on center and then use cables at 4" o.c. to create the guardrail. The new stair object can do this, but it can't continue the guardrail past the steps - only the handrail. The old object would continue the guardrail, but I can't get the balusters to the correct spacing... Very frustrating...
  14. I have balusters for the guardrail that are supposed to be 48 inches o.c. max. But the object doesn't seem to want to do them further apart that 10 inches - the setting of the treads. Is there a way to change that?
  15. Is it possible to make the top landing L-shaped? I would like to continue the guardrail along an L-shaped landing, but I can't seem to get it to accept a second run of anything less than 2 risers.
  16. Hi Wes, But that doesn't address the main problem - every time I open the Windows Setting dialogue box, that Window ID class changes. I always have to change it back again. Sky
  17. In the old stair object (now called Custom Stair), there is the ability to place one stair but tied to two layers. Although I really like the flexibility of the new Stair Object, I can't find the way to do the same thing. Sky
  18. This is a bug? I figured more people would be complaining about it if it were... You are able to reproduce the same issue? Sky
  19. Thank you for your help, but there is no IDLableclass in VW2010, which is what I am using now.
  20. I don't know if this is what you meant, but I went to Document Settings > Naming Standards and clicked on Enable Auto-Classing, but that didn't help. I couldn't find any information in VW Help for PIO parameters.
  21. I am running VectorWorks Architect with Renderworks 2010 SP2 on an early 2009 Mac mini. So, my biggest problem is that I have to manually change the Window ID back to Window-Spec every time I change the settings for a window. When I open the Settings dialogue box for any window, it will show the Window-ID set to either Ceiling-Fixtures or Ceiling-Main or ----------------, which I don't even know what that last class is. If I don't change it back to Window-Spec, it will disappear (because the class it sets it to invariably is hidden). I don't have the problem with my door settings. This occurs in multiple project files. I upgraded from 2008 a couple of months ago, but I don't know if that is related to the problem. It happens whether or not the window was an old window created in the 2008 file or if it is a new window created while running 2010. The smaller issue is having 2 Window-Spec classes listed in the pull down menu in Window Settings. I just thought the problems might be related. However, it is interesting that there is only ONE Window-Spec class listed in all other listing of classes everywhere else in the program. I have not manually created a second class with the same name.
  22. Every time I edit the window, it changes the Window ID class. I have to manually set it to Window-Spec every single time. Not only that, there are two Window-Spec listed in the pull down menu even though when I edit the classes, there is only one listed. This is driving me crazy. What am I doing wrong? Sky
  23. Thank you both for those suggestions. I will give them a try.
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