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  1. Vectorworks on my Mac Pro is not releasing the RAM after it finishes a rendering. So if I do multiple renderings (or an animation), it keeps taking more and more until it runs out and pauses all the apps. Right now, I render a few and then quit the app to free the RAM up before doing more. This does not happen when rendering with the same file running on my MacBook Pro. I'm running 2017 SP4 on both machines, but this was occurring before SP4 was released. Both machines are running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, although at the time it was running an earlier version of Sierra. Still has the same issues now as it did back in late May.
  2. Is no one else having this problem? I find that Vectorworks is not releasing RAM after a rendering is done. So when I render multiple view ports, the amount of RAM consumed by Vectorworks just keeps growing. I have to render a few then quit the program to get it to release the RAM, then restart it again and do more renderings. I've had times where it pauses overnight when it runs out of RAM.
  3. I was doing a bunch of renderings overnight of a restaurant, and in the morning I found that VW2017 was paused by Mac OS Sierra because of low memory. Looking at the Activity monitor, I saw that it had used up most of the 16GB on my Mac Pro (Late 2013). I upgraded the computer to 64GB so I wouldn't have that problem again. Last night I was doing a solar animation of a community center and again it paused because of low memory. How could Vectorworks possibly use up 64GB of memory? I tried doing a smaller animation on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2012) with 8GB RAM and the Memory Used topped out around 6 GB without any swapping and stayed that way until it finished. I tried a similar rendering on my Mac Pro and the Activity Monitor Memory Used slowly crept up from 14GB to over 22.3 GB by the end. Even after the animation was finished, the Memory Used didn't go down. Is this a memory leak? Why would it affect my Mac Pro and not my MacBook Pro? Has anyone else seen this problem?
  4. It's not working for me either. It was one of the best features they added too. It used to work. I don't when it stopped working correctly. But you are right, I restarted VectorWorks and it worked again. Wonder how long it will last before I need to restart it again.
  5. Thank you! I will give that a try.
  6. I've been using 2017 for a couple of weeks on a project and it's been a problem. 1. It crashes. A lot. Multiple times a day. 2. It is soooooooooo laggy! Cutting and pasting. Panning. Everything. When I go back to 2016, it is noticeably different. 3. Sometimes I do something (join walls, resize something, etc.) and it still looks like I didn't do it. But when I force the screen to refresh (zooming out or in) it shows correctly. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed with a VW upgrade as I am now. Are these known issues? Will these be fixed?
  7. People having problems printing to Canon printers should publish to PDF or print to PDF and then use an app like Preview to print. I have not upgraded yet, but I am itching to do so.
  8. So I upgrade my Designer + RenderWorks every year. If I am interpreting the website correctly, if I join Service Select, it will include the 2017 upgrade when it is released later this year? And Service Select is actually cheaper than buying the software every year?
  9. Thank you! That was tremendously helpful!
  10. Does VectorWorks use mostly graphic card processing or computer processors to do renderings? Will upgrading to a 3440 x 1440 monitor that uses 2 thunderbolt connectors from a 2560 x 1140 that uses 1 thunderbolt connector cause a slow down of my renderings? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated! Sky
  11. That was a great tip. I set the jamb to a class that isn't used in the renderings and the white lines went away. Thank you!
  12. I think I know what was wrong. I originally made this drawing in v2014. I importing to v2015. Then I imported to v2016. Somewhere along the line, it corrupted the stairs. I deleted all the starts and remade them and it is fine now. A lot of extra work though...
  13. This is driving me crazy. I"m working on a 3-story home and If I highlight a stair and click on settings, nothing happens. After that, I can only select objects by using a right click. But nothing works right at that point. I can't quite the app either. I have to use Force Quit. When I open the file, I can work with everything else fine. It is only after I try to edit a stair (any one of 5 stairs in the file) everything goes bad.
  14. When I change stair graphic attributes, Vectorworks becomes unusable. Going back into the stair settings, the pop-up window is incomplete and unusable. Selected objects, if it allows you to select anything, will not appear in the Object inspector. I need to force quit as simply quitting doesn't work. I have confirmed this by doing it twice and creating a new file with only a few objects in it. Only when I change the stair graphic attributes by making the 2D Treads to the class line and fill settings (Vert Trans-Main), does the whole thing go crazy.
  15. Check out the kbase article: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1362/__unhighlight
  16. I just came across this thread because I was just working with storefronts in a wall and wanted to know if there was a good way to dead with this. What I ended up doing was putting a Door "Opening" into the wall and then placed the curtain wall into that opening. Has anyone found a better way of doing this?
  17. So what's the word on Vectorworks and Yosemite compatibility?
  18. Maybe your question is a joke? Top of the line Mac mini (Late 2012) with Intel Core i7 has a 64-bit multicore score of 12546. Top of the line Mac Pro (Late 2013) with 12-core Xeon has a 64-bit multicore score of 33066. The Mac Pro is almost 3 times as fast.
  19. Bryan, did you already order yours? I've been trolling around for benchmarks. A 6-core should have a 71% increase in speed (10720 to 18309 in 32-bit). Cost +$500 A 8-core should have a 120% increase in speed (11796 to 25996 in 64-bit). Cost +$2000 A 12- core should have a 180% increase in speed (11796 to 33066 in 64-bit). Cost +$3500 There isn't official benchmarks for the new Mac Pro yet, so these are being pulled off what is presumably Apple testing their own set ups with Geekbench 3. Lots to think about... Maybe I should set up a price to performance ratio graph to visually see this...
  20. I stumbled upon this thread while looking for something else. I use a 13" MBA mid-2011 with VW as a secondary machine for when I'm on the road. Performance is fine. I'm not sure how anyone could say it is painfully slow. I've even run renderings on it overnight when I am pressed for time. I don't do large buildings. Mostly single family residence or restaurants. I'd let you come over to try my machine out, but I'm all the way in Los Angeles.
  21. Does the amount of L3 cache on the processor make a huge difference? The 3.5Ghz 6-core with 12mb L3 cache is a $500 upgrade but the 3.0Ghz 8-core has 25mb of L3 cache but is $2000 more!
  22. Thank you to both of you. This is very helpful. So if I want to upgrade from the base model, I should spend on increasing the number of processors and not worry about the higher graphics cards or increasing memory. When I look at my iMac now when doing renderings, it only seems to be using 6.5 gb of memory (1.25 wired, 5.25 active) leaving the rest available (5.25 inactive, 0 free). So that seems to corroborate the idea that buying more memory will not increase rendering times. It looks like ship times have already pushed out to February, so I guess I won't be getting a new computer any time soon!
  23. I'm interested in upgrading from my 27-inch, mid 20011 iMac 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7 to a new Mac Pro. I'd like to upgrade to higher specs from the base model if it will increase performance, but I don't want to spend unnecessarily. My biggest concern is speeding up Renderworks rendering times. 1. Processor Intel Xeon 3.7Ghz Quad Core vs 3.5Ghz 6-Core vs 3.0Ghz 8-Core vs 2.7Ghz 12-Core: Will Vectorworks take advantage of the multiple cores? The more cores, the faster the renderings? 2. Graphics Dual AMD FirePro D300 vs D500 vs D700: Will Vectorworks be able to take advantage of the larger VRAM, wider memory bus and larger memory bandwidth? Will a higher graphics card speed up renderings? 3. Memory From 12GB to 64GB. Is there a limit to the amount of memory Vectorworks will take advantage of?
  24. Thank you so much! I could not figure out how to get rid of that green box until now!
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