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  1. This question also seems to arise in relation to VW Architect - when I initially tried to install the libraries the install would seemingly proceed until it got to 'merge' libraries whereupon it seemed to halt. Having first thought that there was a problem with the install and having cancelled it twice I eventually decided to leave it and after about 15 minutes it did finally complete. I don't know how much information is in these library files but it would be useful to offer more of a choice of which libraries to select during this merger operation.
  2. Vectorworks needs to replace its dongle system as soon as possible. A large number of businesses like ourselves must now be using laptops in preference to desktop machines and laptops do not work well with dongle license systems. We have recently lost a dongle for one of our laptops and have been advised by Unlimited.com in the uk that we cannot simply replace the dongle - we need to purchase an additional license. This is nonsensical - we already have a license and it is not satisfactory to ask licensed members to purchase additional licenses in order to replace a dongle which has been lost! I have reported this to technical support and am awaiting their response. We had previously noted to Vectorworks that the dongle system was a pain for laptop users since it has to be removed and once removed the application shuts down with no opportunity for re-inserting the dongle.
  3. We do only use Vectorworks Architect and I agree that it may not be any more difficult to learn than say ArchiCAD but the reason for choosing Vectorworks in the 1st instance was the fact that it was so much easier to learn than equivalent programmes. ArchiCAD is in any case much closer to full BIM than VectorWorks and therefore would appeal far more to us than Vectorworks if we wanted to go fully in that direction. However I believe that in essence you agree with me that Vectorworks' UI requires rationalising and simplifying!
  4. It's not just the help section which is becoming problematic - Vectorworks is trying too hard to become 'all things to all men' and dangerously close in my view to overcomplicating the programme. We originally chose vectorworks because it was intuitive with a relatively simple and straightforward interface which didn't require months to learn. This is no longer the case and Vectorworks now is overconfigured and requires a degree of knowledge of the interface in order to understand. It needs to return to its roots of simplicity of use! Dongles are a pain - we use laptops and the dongles have to be removed when moving the laptops around. As a result the programme quits and there is no option to insert the dongle before it quits. The dongles need to be replaced with something else urgently!! GD DO
  5. I don't have VW2008 so this may not correct your problem - however I have noticed that when exporting or importing in VW12.5 using default settings the imported or exported file is sent out using the VW imperial default - it does not matter which setting the file was set up in. You therefore need to custom export or import using 1:1 scale and selecting millimetres as your selected export option. I hope this helps but maybe not?
  6. Importing a dwg file using VW12.5 creates an issue with scaling since the default file import uses inches as the chosen import despite the fact that the file itself may have been set up in metric format. It is important therefore when importing a dwg file prepared in decimal format to custom select the import and select millimetres or metres as the import option. I haven't yet found a way of changing the default and would be grateful if anyone could advise me if they have succeeded in changing this.


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