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  1. yes gester, spot on. that's fine IFC is work in progress if you like, while we get the hang of the taxonomy, or until someone posts an expanded searcheable list, or rather a tree of both entities and property sets, then i could have found my 'computer' electricalappliancetype much quicker. i don't mind becoming a novice entity relationship modeller at all, ERM has a certain ring to it, might go well on my CV !
  2. Site model is excellent. watch other programs struggle to import topographic surveys! generally archicad users just don't bother, so we get site plans and design proposals totally uncoordinated with survey info. guess what - someone like me has to redraw the whole site in 3d because the dumb default is to assume all sites are flat. how many times have i seen that. what annoys me is that those lazy architects get paid for shoddy work and my salary is depressed because work has to be done twice over.
  3. Gester, if that were true then why would anyone bother to buy VW designer. apart from the fact that standard elements limit design capabality (the tail wags the dog) e.e. the stair plugin handrails variables are very limited and slightly clumsy. We HAVE to be able to assign IFC data to home made blocks (symbols). to that end while working on a data centre recently I earched in vain for a computer server on the IFC dropdown list. That became a discussion thread in the LinkedIn group VW BIM & design software. would you adam n eve it - a computer is IFC = ifcElectricApplianceType, so cannot be found anywhere in the list using the correct keyword (computer). VW's marketting manager Rubina Siddiqqi posted this extremely helpful link that Jacob Block at technical support didn't seem to know about. http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/www_misc/2010/Sharing-Your-Model-with-IFCv2.pdf what josphh sent me was a very useful simple text list of IFC codes that can at least be searched http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/ifc/IFC2x3/TC1/html/alphabeticalorder_entities.htm One would hardly dare assign custom IFC codes because they will invariably be wrong. Entity Relationship Modelling employs a mathematicians mindset of 'implict' ordering, not explicit. What chance of me correctly assigning 'ElectricalApplianceType' to a computer symbol ?? it wouldn't make sense to an architect because that word string doesn't contain the essential keyword, that yields all so vital search results.
  4. Pat stanford thank you so much - i have tried so many ways to do that and at last today i googled it - silly me. asante sana (vectorworks.co.ke)
  5. precisely ! https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/simlab-3d-pdf-exporter-sketchup how can this thread have died for three years ? 3d pdf exporter urgently required !
  6. hi, i don't understand any of the above. I am struggling with the class mapping dialogue tool. How do I run a script and where do you get it? I hoped once I had saved a few class mapping files I could re-use them on many autocad drawings. Sadly each new drawing from each new consultant with all their xrefs bring in a huge array of nonsensical encrypted garbage classes (totally counterproductive by making it too complicated to apply any discipline so that nothing is in its correct layer and the drawing is a clumsy useless bag of poo). I have to merge this tosh with my sensible, plain english, set of classes each time. I was going to ask if there was a way of introducing a wildcard to cover say the front part of an xref set but i see the discussion is more sophisticated already. But can anyone assist? Also - I'm only on VW 12.0.1 Is the answer simply to upgrade?
  7. Curieusement, le 'issue data record' appara?t dans le dossier de mani?re intermittente, tout de suite apr?s une ?mission de TOUS les feuilles, en passant par 'l'?mission gestionnaire' des installations. Il ya seulement une courte fen?tre (de temps), dans laquelle l'examiner avant qu'il dispara?t, mais ne vous inqui?tez pas, il suffit de coller le texte =(('Issue Data'.'Note-1')), par example, dans votre base de donn?es cellule. Les r?sultats de cette mise ? jour, m?me si le 'issue data record' pourrait apparemment ?tre absents.
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