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  1. Here are some 2D only toilets, portaloos etc from the metric world. Cheers, Peter Toilets.vwx
  2. Not using the transparency shader as there are no real world dimensions. However don't forget the LED tool! Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, I noticed the file didn't make it across the forum revamp recently so I'm posting it again as a version 2016 file. Cheers, Peter LED_Screen_low_res_v2016.vwx.zip
  4. Andrew, I can only get back as far as version 12 (not 2012 - version 12 released 2005!). They are available in that version and if I recall even earlier versions. Cheers, Peter
  5. Here's a little hidden secret that you might enjoy. In fact it's my no 1 Vectorworks 'Easter egg". Go to the Workspace Editor>Tools>Text and add the Flowchart Node and Flowchart Link to your workspace. It's ideal for schematics! The great thing is that you can use symbols as the nodes or just use the shapes supplied. Easy-peasy to use. Move one node and the links all 'rubber band' with it, all editable. You can add text etc etc. In my rather pathetic attempt in the image I enclose, (sorry I'm a LD) the pictures are symbols and I've just linked them into the flowchart. So Vectorworks is Definitely the way to go, you'll never get bored only amazed! Cheers, Peter
  6. Hello, If you make an image based texture, add a transparent mask. In the example I will post I used the Tiles transparency and then square shape. The screens were extrudes with a black fill so that the transparent squares looked at the black extrude. Cheers, Peter
  7. Hello, It is a great thing to have "impressionistic" rendering rather than just photorealistic. I agree it would be great if there were just a few more options available in Artistic Renderworks. Probably easier said than done but I add my vote to this request. Cheers, Peter
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