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  1. Many thanks to all, I will have to practice and see what works best for me. So far I am enjoying the journey.
  2. thank you Alan, very kind. yes that works. Just realised that the number keyboard on Mac doesn't work for that. The Numberkeys under the F buttons however do your trick. This will take a little getting used to. cheers
  3. Hi there I would like to just draw a simple line on the z axis of my drawing. In Sketchup you do this by locking onto any axis of your choice, I can not figure out how to do this in VW. I have been reading a lot and found a way via 3D Polygon. Here I then struggle with entering the length accordingly and accurate. In the Screenshot you can seem three polygons on the layer. But I would prefer to just draw lines and then connect to create the surface. In my line of work I can not use double walls. So I have to basically draw 2d surfaces which can live on any axis. Would be great if someone could help here. thank you
  4. Thank you everyone. Very kind and and very useful answers. Will start investigating this. It seems that VW has more options then others on this specific issue. Thats great news. cheers and happy new year
  5. Thank you very much Sam, I think I will go ahead and buy the software now. That was the last open question. Cheers for now and I am sure more questions will come up.
  6. Hi Sam, Thank you for looking into this. I would like to generate plans that look like the picture. Obviously a lot more accurate and detailed. I hope the Idea is obvious?
  7. Hi there, I am in the process of getting Vectorworks for myself. I am a Sound-engineer and wonder if I can use the Cable Tool in VW Spotlight to do Speaker cable Flowcharts. In an Ideal world I would like to run it like the lampies. I am not deep enough into it yet to figure that out myself. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


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