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  1. Does anyone know if there is a list of render methods available that is sorted by rendering speed (from the shortest render time to longest render time) including which options and/or features of each render method affect the rendering time? Also, is there a list available that shows other items that affect render speed (i.e. does it take longer to render a shaft that's been drawn using the the sweep tool or does it take longer to render a circle that's been extruded to create the shaft?; are items outside the viewport crop still rendered thus eating up CPU time?; does the use of symbols increase or decrease the render time?; etc.) My goal is to use a more anticipatory method of setting up sheet layer viewports in which to maximize quality while limiting the render time. Not all of my viewports need to be van Goghs. But instead of creating a viewport as a wire-frame and then taking time to tweak it UP to an acceptable level of quality, there must be a set of questions that I can ask myself during viewport creation (and even during the modeling stage) that will help me create the most efficient viewport to fit the bill. (I realize that there are more variables than can be listed in any single list, but a generalized list must be available somewhere). Any direction is much appreciated.
  2. Does this behavior persist if you close VW and reopen the file?
  3. Don't know about the gradient, but changing the pen style from "Class Style" to "Solid" fixed my font issues. Thank you.
  4. Did this issue ever get resolved? I have the most recent build of SP2 and am having the same issues described above (i.e. the TT fonts in my custom title block work fine in the symbol but change when the title block is inserted into the border). Weird thing is that not all of my text fields change, only some of them. Did this get reported as a bug?
  5. I found that if text fields are in a group inside the TB symbol, the text formatting looks fine in the symbol itself but acts very weird when the TB is applied to a sheet. (i.e. saw doubles, lost bold formatting, etc). In other words, make sure nothing is grouped in the TB symbol itself.
  6. My next question is: does anyone know if there's a way in VW2008 to insert a text field in a custom title block that auto-populates the file name of the drawing? Either linked to a record or similar to the ":iNote" method?
  7. I've answered my own question and learned a few things along the way: 1) The Issue Manager text fields are NOT linked to the record with the project (P_) and sheet (S_) text fields. In other words, do not replicate the online manual instructions of selecting a text string intended to be manipulated with the IM and linking it to a text record like you do with the (P_) and (S_) fields. Instead, using the text tool place a text "box" in the custom title block and actually type the term ":iNote" in the text box itself. Do not attempt to link this text "box" to any record. The online instruction manual did not make this differentiation clear. 2) In building my custom title block, I grouped various items (including text fields) together for easy re-arrangement while designing the custom title block. The text fields linked to either a text record or to the Issue Manager failed when nested in a group. The ":iNote" field worked when grouped but the text typed in the IM laid right over the top of the text ":iNote" - so it looked like I had two text "boxes" with no fill on top of each other. I ungrouped everything and the links worked fine. 3) When building a custom title block, make sure that all text fields are EXACTLY the way you want them to look BEFORE linking them to a text record. After they are linked, any change to the text formatting (bold, etc.) does not seem to take effect in the title block symbol. To make changes to the text formatting after the text field had been linked, I had to completely delete the text "box" in question, recreate it with the revised formatting, and then re-link it to the text record. Lessons learned.
  8. I just built a custom title block and all of the project (P_) and sheet (S_) fields work fine... but the IM fields (:iNo, :iDate, etc) tie to a "General" tab in the Edit Title Block dialog box (along side the project and sheet tabs in the same dialog box) instead of tying to the Issue Manager. Any ideas? Do I tie the IM fields to their respective text "boxes" in the same manner as the P_ and S_ fields? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. "W/R"? Workgroup Reference? Sorry. I'm new to some of this.


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