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  1. Andrew, I've just tested your workflow above and I am able to reproduce it. I will file a bug report immediately.


    Of course, the workaround described by Mike is to create a template that already has the unit settings you desire, and start your new documents from this file. This is the method I have always used, so I'm afraid this was not caught in my personal testing. But we will get it to the engineers today.

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  2. It's one of my fave features Andrew. Of course, we've had Data Vis for some time on Viewports, but to have it available in the live design environment vastly increases its use - not just for presentation, but as a design aid, for troubleshooting and more. And I love the key that's auto-generated.

  3. Hi Katharine

    If you are able to login to the student portal, you are almost there. If the portal is asking you to update your account, it's because some of the fields are blank, Enter some information where it is asking for phone numbers and extension numbers (these fields have become mandatory somehow along the line), and then you will be able to save the details. After that's done, you'll be able to request the extension of your licence.

  4. Well, you just need Plant Record.Quantity - as long as the filters work in the criteria, that will only include plants in this classes. 

    I am puzzled when you say "class layer". Classes and layers are different things and not related to each other.


    But if you want to group by class, then include a column that has =Class() in its header. This will list the class for each plant. Then. click the arrow to the right of the formula and check Summarise Items. This will group all the plants together by class and the Quantity column will add up the numbers for you (but you will need to have Summarise Values checked on that column).

  5. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Are you trying to filter the list so that it only includes plants within the class listed in your formula?

    If so, that just needs to go into the row criteria - right click on the row header and choose Edit Criteria. Add a further option for Class = LP-G712...

    This will reduce the list to show only plants which are a member of that class.


    If you are trying to list the class in a column, in the column header row, just type =C()

    Hope that helps!

  6. 21 hours ago, lupin said:

    Thanks Tamsin,

    Cool, thought it might be non-mac, cos I was... whaaat?, but good to know!

    I updated my signature, please let me know if it hasn't stuck.

    The disappearing objects and textures seemed to start happening for me with the combination of a new mac, VW2019 and mojave... I've tried local tech support.

    Not using objects from older files (not super old, 2015 - 2018 mostly) and deleting user library file seems to help for a while, but not forever, and regular VW cleansing is a bit of a productivity killer... have to draw from scratch, redo preferences and shortcuts etc,.

    Just hoping for silver bullet.

    @lupin I also sent you a private message...

  7. 2 minutes ago, TKA said:

    for some reason, additionally, I need to select next box below : "preserve...." too make it happen

    That is if you want to use the hierarchy, which I think I Will I does not. 

    If you uncheck the option then the preserve button is grayed out. The preserve option will remember which folders are expanding and which are not, regardless of which menu you are using.

  8. 6 minutes ago, lupin said:

    Hi @Tamsin Slatter I checked my file, origin is close to page centre, and there are no objects kilometres away.

    I'm getting a lot of disappearing floors still, and textures are buggy - ie: they revert to the current class type, or untextured wireframe instead of keeping the texture of their assigned class.

    A typical buggy process is objects will be correctly textured, then modify spontaneously when I edit their geometry.

    The group/ungroup action seems to work sometimes.

    Could it be a graphics card issue for me?


    Hi Lupin


    Your signature still shows that you are using 2016, so may be worth updating. It also shows that you are on a Mac, so if that's still the case, then no the graphics card will not be the issue. The fix I suggested is for Windows users. You don't have the same graphics card management software in the Mac OS.

    I think it's probably best to speak to your local tech support service (OzCAD) and see if they are able to help you with these issues. They are not things that I see on a day to day basis, but your local team on the ground may have some useful insight for you.

  9. Can you post the file please Greg?

    And are you sure that the graphics card is set to high performance mode? Right-click on your desktop and choose the NVIDIA control panel. Choose Set Physx Properties and change from AutoSelect to the NVIDIA card. Then, click Manage 3D Settings and go to the Programs tab - make sure Vectorworks is added to the list of programs that use the high performance card.

  10. Hi all

    I've also been looking at this, and I've delighted to have Nikolay's help on this. In the end, I used Reshape to make the walls do what was required. I know it's not auto-magic, but it does work.

  11. Hi all

    I've reported this as a bug and it is in hand. I was able to reproduce it at the time I filed it, but can no longer make it happen. It seems that not all templates exhibit the problem, so it might be worth trying different templates.

    I'm sorry I can't give more precise instructions, but did want to reassure you that our engineers are on the case.

  12. No time to explore your file just at the moment (in the middle of baking chocolate cake...)

    But I did whip up this quick example. It is a closed box of walls floor and ceiling, with a camera inside and a sphere that is coated in glow.


    I have added a Heliodon as this will not penetrate the closed box, but will turn off the default light in the scene.

    Render with Realisitic Interior Final and you'll see the texture is emitting light. 

    Render with Fast Renderworks (which doesn't use Light Bouncing) and you'll see it doesn't emit light.

    Light bouncing is critical to success.

    If you want more light, you can increase the percentage in the texture...

    Glow Sphere.vwx


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