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  1. Don't forget the animation layers, the animation itself and the keyframes...
  2. Change the opacity of your Interactive Appearance Settings(VW prefs or Smart cursor settings): General Page boundary set it to 100%
  3. The image props in VW are not compatible with AR and C4D, they are VW objects. Artlantis and CINEMA 4D have their own objects applied with alpha mapping.
  4. You can use one of these... But CINEMA 4D has the Mograph module there you can use one tree(3D object), duplicating the object multiple times and the tree will look scaled, rotated and moved with a few mouseclicks. Of course there are a lot 3D tree/plant libraries to buy: like VBvisual, Xfrog and Vray, these are in 3d, Render realistic and also very fast.
  5. CINEMA 4D Architecture edition or the Engineering Edition... Depending on what for a libraries and modules you want.
  6. Disable Quartz in the VW prefs to print an older file... Don't forget to enable Quartz for VW2009 files. Export PDF will also do the job.
  7. For almost the same money as Acrobat pro, you get the full version of VectorWorks and export the PDF's native.
  8. CINEMA4D is the solution...
  9. The plugin is not compatible with OSX10.5 Only the plugin of VW2008 and VW2009 is compatible with OSX10.5 and CINEMA4D R10,5 and R11
  10. Do I need to give a few shape files, for testing?
  11. I've never thought about that question
  12. Here we have a problem with importing and exporting shp files. In 12.5.1 we get a file out of an GIS database(autodesk mapguide) we can import it to our drawings and make modifications, when we export to the Gis database, the file wasn?t recognized. When we imported a Gis-shp file and make no modifications, and export the file to the Gis database, the file wasn?t recognized. When we try to see what happens with Gis viewer(ESRI) we see the geo reference was not edited correctly, VectorWorks make changes to the file with im- and exporting only(but that?s not useful) Could it depend on the projection method: Lambert Conic, or UTM. Normal we use in Europe Lambert Conic, with the origin in France(I thought it was in Paris) Is this projection method from ESRI? ESRI and Autodesk told us the same, that it could depend on Lambert Conic or UTM. Any tips or solutions are welcome...
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