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  1. When switching from ARCH or ASME Dual Side By Side to ASME Dual Stacked or Tara's Dimensioning (custom, based on ASME Dual Stacked), I lose my 1/2" increments. Can't seem to sort out why. File is attached. Thanks. VW 2019 SP 2 macOS Mojave Version 10.14.3 Dimensions Rounding When Switched to ASME Dual Stacked or Tara's Dimensioning.vwx
  2. Running VW2016 with latest update... Been a VW user for about 13 years now... The Custom Stair Tool is so much easier to use than the 'new and improved' stair tool, yet when I change wall heights mid-project, instead of updating to match like it used to, my CUSTOM STAIR DISAPPEARS!! This is really causing a lot of hiccups in my daily workflow. This is work, not a hobby - we need these tools to work seamlessly all the time. We do not have time to figure out work-arounds. This is why we pay the big bucks to have a VW Subscription - so that when you put out an update, it is meant to be better than the previous version, not worse. Please bring the custom stair tool back out of Legacy, and fix it in the process!!! Thanks :-) -Tara-
  3. I have the same problem with soffits & fascias sitting at floor level, and the roof is way up. VERY frustrating! VW, please fix this bug.
  4. I like to render my elevation viewports in Hidden Line, then add hatches to show siding, roofing, etc. When I open a file that was done before SP4, and re-render the viewports, they are now rendering in a solid grey. The outline of the building, doors, windows, etc, are still showing, but the walls are rendering solid grey. My hatches are still there, but they are BEHIND the solid grey. Any ideas? Thanks. -Tara-
  5. This sure is frustrating, eh? When I'm in Open GL, and I want to switch back to plan view, that's when I get the 'Destroy List' hang-up. I've had to force shut down many times now, and it's starting to really interrupt my workflow. One thing that seems to help, is before I use my CTRL+5 shortcut to go back to plan view, I SAVE, click on the selection tool (X), take a deep breath, and then go for it. Seems to shorten the time down to 6-10 seconds instead of minutes. Might have something to do with first going to the selection tool (from the fly-around tool). I don't know. It's a mystery. Not all of my files are doing this, but once it starts on a file, it seems to stay. Will try to think of what changes just before it starts...
  6. Any resolution here? This is plaguing me as well on several files.
  7. Hi, I have VW 2010 SP4 and have noticed recently that several of my active project models now disappear in Open GL rendering which I typically use for flyaround viewing. I have tried it on my workstation and my laptop and I've tried it on old and new versions of the file with the same result (i.e. not a file corruption bug, not likely a hardware issue (like a video driver). As far as I know I have not changed any setup or upgraded anything and the layers and visibility are set as always. This is terribly frustrating as I have a demo for a client tomorrow, any help appreciated. thanks, -Tara Cumming
  8. Is there any way to make the ID Label field in my Object Info pallette for a door return the data found in the door width & height fields? That way, when I change the door width & height, the label on the floorplan will update to show the width & height of the door. Thanks. -Tara-
  9. THANK YOU MichaelK, for answering this question. I've been trying for days to figure out how to sort my rows. I thought you just 'clicked' on the icons at the top - didn't realize you had to drag them to the header line. Thanks very much. -Tara-
  10. Thanks Robert, I'm really liking this new feature. -Tara-
  11. For sure, being able to cut these kinds of sections is invaluable for creating building cross-sections with detailed annotations. PLEASE do not take this capability away!
  12. Is it possible to use the xFrog objects provided in the library as 3D elements under New Plant Definition? The selection is great for the 2D symbols, but the 1/2-dozen or so 3D symbols are very limiting, and they're not nearly as good-looking when rendered as the xFrog ones. Thanks. -Tara-
  13. I know many folks have already mentioned it, but wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of those lines on the 3D model where the wall-meets-floor? Thanks to the person who suggested using a white dotted line in the viewport annotations to 'cover' the unwanted line(s). Will try that for now... -Tara-
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