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  1. Not sure how fast it will be posted on the maxon site, but a solution was found and a new version should be available as soon as their sure its stable and working properly. [ 03-04-2005, 05:41 PM: Message edited by: kaiskai ]
  2. sorry dave, but autocad, deepexploration also support it. You will notice that Acrobat 7 and autocad play very well together now, I did a lot of research the other day after discovering adobe acrobat added it. My immediate thought was when will cinem and VW both add this. QTVR is a very different beast then u3d.
  3. I've made sure maxon has recieved note of this issue. However I have some questions for you with this problem. In your workspace editor, is the cinema 4D exchange at least showing up in the commands side under Import/export, and just isn't staying in your workspace when you transfer it over to the menus list. this is the problem I'm encountering when I try, so 11.5 is detecting it, it just isn't putting it into workspaces for some reason. the more info you can give me, the more i can help get the solution found. Feeling kinda stupid myself that i never tried the exchange form 11.5 while in development.
  4. As was already stated, Renderworks would be your best bet in terms of money and learning speed since it works direclty in VW, and is designed in the same workflow as vectorworks. cinema would be your next option, offering a lot more control over your render and lights and such but would cost more andtake a slightly longer time to learn. For a dedicated 3D application with good rendering though, cinema would be your bestbet as well in terms of speed and quality for its price. Only two renderers I'd even recommend over cinema's, and they both cost over 3 times the price not including the applications needed for them, and have very steep learning curves and no bridge to from VW directly as cinema does.
  5. Okay figuring stuff out here, Recursions is really confusing. First of all i noticed that Recursion handles both reflective and transparent recursions which i think is part of my confusion. Anyways Geoff and I were trying to figure out reflection recursions. 1,2,3 all seem to produce the same results, and we all seem to get the same results as those levels when raytracng is off. Only once we reach four do reflectins seems to increase in steps and from four on they steps make sense,I see three objects and the fourth is black. with five i see four objects and the fifthis black. so whats hapening with steps 1,2, and 3?
  6. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Seriously they haven't let me play with spotlight yet (which is frsutrating as I understand theatre lighting and have done it professionally where I've never studied architecture) But form what spotlight looks like to me, it would be awesome if the bridge between VW and SPotlight could be improved where someone could actually have the different light types setup properly in cinema. BTW, you asked what I'm dong here, Resolve picked me up as their cinema 4D expert, to start promoting selling and supporting cinema rather then selling a seat here and there. S now i also have to become familiar with VW as well. Hard jumping form AR and Sketch and toon to RW and ArtisticRW, but I'm surviving and you will see me a lot here, particularily in the renderworks section for now.
  7. as I said its deisgned more for the quick and dirt renders, it definitely has its uses but outside of some colour and light and very simple reflection/transparency its not designed for much else. But if they wee to add in something like volume effects i dont' see why that owuld make it more advance and require an increase in price.
  8. advanced? even with the voume abilities of spotlihgt I'd hardly call it advance compared to 3d render engines out there including cinema 4D's Wheres the: Shadow map size control and bias Different falloff types for attenuation edge and falloff colouration Seriosuly while I'm forced to learn and use Renderworks, Anyone serious about rendering I'd point to the cinema bridge and Advanced renderer for advanced controls. Renderworks is more designed for the down and dirty quick renders. If I've spent more then an hour setting up a render in Renderworks I know I should besetting it up in cinema from what I"ve encountered so far.


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