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  1. Well, I re-booted and re-installed VW because at the same time I had the above problem, I went to open some files I had done yesterday and all the layer detail was gone. I checked for Layer Visibilty and all was OK. I checked a few more files and all the same. I re-installed VW11 and everything went back to normal. I re-dimensioned the aforementioned drawing and it was OK this time. Some hiccup.... Tom
  2. Has anyone experienced any dimensioning difficulties with VW11.0.1?? I have a small drawing I did this morning and when I dimension it the dimensions at one end of the part do not match the other end stack up. I have three simple dimensions and they are off by 1/8". The part width measures correctly and I have Smart Points on and the dimensions have been done and re done and I still have the difference. Three dimensions have to total 9", very simple, and they do not. This is very scary..........!!! Any help out there??? I had this occur one other time and I could never find out why. Now with a second occurence I am getting worried. I saved the file if anyone from NNA wants to look at it. I am going to re-boot, start up VW again and open the file to see if it changes. Any help... Tom
  3. The software should take the layer scale into account just as it does with text, symbols etc. The old revision cloud had no 'billow factor' so it worked just fine. This is purely a flaw as I see it and if the tools cannot be used from layer to layer regardless of scale they should be eliminated or the fault corrected. Why was it changed from the old versions?? I see no apparent advantage . Tom in PA
  4. Well, I sent the files in as Katie requested and I was able to duplicate the problem with new files that I sent. No user error. No video card problem. A BUG, plain and simple. If I can duplicate the problem then NNA should be able to do so also and then alert all of us users of the results. I can't tell you how many files I have screwed up using the Revision Cloud Tool. I have since just quit using the tool, it's not worth all the time to back and re-do files when it crashes. Does anyone else use this tool?? Tom in PA
  5. We have all brought up the subject a number of times on crashes related symbol editting, revision cloud tool usage and today I had frequent crashes when zoomed in to again edit text. Never here anyone from NNA that ever even acknowledges one of these problems. It's as if the users are the only ones having the problems. How can NNA tech people never experience one of these problems?? Why keep all the users in the dark when a problem exists?? Stumbling along.... Tom in PA
  6. Jim, I have a similar situation with VW11 on WinXP and I have posted this before with no confirmation or answer. I have a new video card and the latest drivers and the flickering still exists, ONLY in VW. I use Rhino for all of our 3D work and the file sizes are huge and realtime rotate in 3D will show up thes problems real quick. I did a little bit of 3D in VW11 to test it out and when you rotate most of the image ghosts out and then re-appears. Not a good sign for a supposedly 3D program. I still believe the flickering is VW11 related as I have the old standby 8.6.2 and no flickering. I even get flickering when I go and delete items. It appears to stall momentarily, flicker and then delete. Strange......... Tom in PA
  7. Katie, I'll shoot you the files from the office in the morning. Thanks, Tom in PA
  8. Now for some more info on the revision cloud lockup. Today I had the same thing occur as described above and it happened when I Copy/Paste between layers of different scales. Unlike text, which is usually where the tool is used, the cloud resizes according to layer scale and this is where the crash occurs. I had a cloud on a 1/8" scale drawing and when I pasted the notations onto a full scale layer, that was all she wrote, went right into a lock-up/ crash mode. Why would you have this tool not hold scale when the items inside do??? This is not a video card problem. Still plugging away......... Tom in PA
  9. Peter, The panning only works as you suggested to the extents of the monitor and no further. Our design dept. has used track balls for the last 10 years and using the arrow keys as you suggested is a bear after you have used the ball and a 'real' pan tool that alows for continuous panning. I still don't get the idea of downgrading existing features that have worked in the past such as 'Extend' etc. Why screw with things that work?? Tom in PA
  10. I really thought that by now with VW11 the 'Pan' tool would work like most others these days where when you reach the edge of the screen the 'Pan' tool just jumps to the other side and you just keep panning to the correct area. Now even with the latest, you have to pan across the screen, go back and grab again etc. Very tedious on a large drawing area. Shades of old MiniCad6 still....! Tom
  11. Why do 'Callouts' postion the text differently when the leader is on the left or right?? I am doing a drawing and each time I go from left to right when placing callouts I have to go into the OIP and adjust the text position to the top. It is clearly spelled out in the manual but for what use?? On the left all my text in the callouts is relative to the bottom and the right it's relative to the top. Looks stupid on a drawing. This answer should be good......... Tom in PA
  12. Tom, I've reported the same thing. Once I re-sized the OIP to fit full screen at the bottom I could get the info other than that it remained blank. I have since re-loaded VW11.0.1 and I have not seen it since. Coincidence?? I doubt it. Regards, Tom in PA
  13. Peter, Thanks for the note. I am running a PC with WinXP. I tried last nite to create a 'clean' document, one with no imported items, no copy and paste etc. and I played with the text tool again. If I use other tools, callout for example, everything is OK and editting runs smooth. If I use a dimension and chage the text that is also OK. Only when I use the Text tool by itself does the problem occur. I can actually create a text line with two different fonts in the same word(s), one of which is the default document font and the other reverts to Helvetica. I then have to re-select and manually change the font back. I am going back to VW11.0 today to see if I can isolate the problem to 11.0.1. You know the old adage....'the cause of every problem is a change'. Thanks, I keep the board posted, Tom in PA
  14. tgm

    simple door

    Peter, I second that thought....... I have also been a user since MC4 and I have seen a lot of changes over the years. I may have some complaints and gripes about the so called improvements when a new version such as VW11 is released but with this forum at least you can either get the answer or some peace that it's just not you. I am running AC2000, AC2004 and VW11.0.1 on my system everyday and guess which one gets opened and used first 99% of the time. Still the best out there for getting things done quick, which today is the name of the game Tom in PA
  15. I am still at a loss as how to correct my font changing problem with VW11.0.1. When I go and try to edit text the font changes on the items I edit so when I am done I have a text item comprised of two fonts. I then have to go and reselect and change the font. I opened up a drawing this morning and it has one font used on both layers, Graphite, and when I go and add text the font is different. I also went to use the Text Tool and text went 1" and then wrapped around. I ended up with a text group 1" wide and 4" long. When I got done and pushed Enter the text layed out straight. Someone at VW needs to look at these Text issues. Thanks, Tom in PA
  16. Jim, It works for me too. Example on exploding... I am dimensioning some architecturals in red so the changed dimensions stand out. If I am dimensioning to, let's say a centerline, I want the C/L to remain visible and not hidden behind a red extension line so I ungroup the dimension and delete that particular extension line. Just makes some drawings cleaner and less confusing. Very simple technique that I have been using for years. Katie, Fonts are virgin fonts not carryovers. I am running WinXP. My G4 had to go when I networked our system with our CNC equipment. Macs just don't cut it in that world yet. Not my choice but a business decision. Thanks, Tom in PA
  17. Yes I do edit dimensions without ungrouping but I am usually ungrouping for another reason. Object info palette does not allow font changing or resizing. I have used it for suffix and prefix notations. This only has happened recently. Prior to this problem the font that was in use stayed as such. It should stay that font unless you change it, very simple. Font being used is City Blueprint, but I have it happen to others also lately. Does not seem to be font related. Thanks, Tom in PA
  18. I just tried to edit a dimension on a drawing and when I ungrouped to edit the font changed also. I am using one font on the complete drawing and all other items are OK. I went back and re-selected the dimension and then selected the font for the drawing and it changed OK. This has happened on two drawing so far this morning and I never have seen this before. When you select a text item isn't the font, size and style supposed to be checked in the pull down menu so you know what you have?? My VW11.0.1 never has anything checked when selected and not all items show in the OIB, such as dimension text and size. Any thoughts as to why?? Tom in PA
  19. I just noticed today that you cannot re-size a revision cloud as you could with previous versions of VW. Before you could just grab the corner and re-size which made it very easy to do duplicates on a drawing. Now it seems that you have to redraw each one and if the size is wrong or you have to re-size, as when changing text content during a drawing revision, you redraw vs. just resizing. Why the change?? Another "improvement"??? Thanks, Tom in PA
  20. Pete , I agree, the smart cursor cues are the way to go. I have had no problem with them appearing and as long as you pay attention to them it's the easiest way to go. Tom in PA
  21. Current card is ATI Radeon 7000 Driver is latest version Thanks, Tom in PA
  22. P.R. I have found Rhino to be one of the best filter and conversion engines out there. I will import and export just about anything with amazing accuracy and I use it to take VW files and prepare them for export to our CNC software. The way VW exports dxf's does not jive completely with industry standards and I have had the most problems with importing converted VW files. For all of our design work in 2D VW cannot be beat. For 3D Rhino can't be beat for the money. Your using the best programs so that's half the battle. Let me know if we can be of any help with Rhino as we have a fair amount of experience with the program for architectural work. Good Luck, Tom in PA
  23. Video driver is the latest issue from the mfgr.
  24. Katie, Marquee trick does not work on rotated rectangles as the marquee will only expand horizontal and vertical, as if ortho is locked on, and you cannot use the marquee to select just the two vertices you need. Try drawing a rotated rectangle, 1" x 3" at a 45 degree angle and then try the marquee trick on any side. You can't do it. You can just grab the center vertex of any side and just pull it to size as the whole side moves with the center. Thanks for the tip, Tom in PA
  25. How do you resize a rotated rectangle?? If I use the technique in the book, it only re-scales the object in all directions and I only want to adjust the rectangle in one direction. Any good ideas?? Tom
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