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  1. True. The oval of VW is an ellipse. An ellipse can be made by taking a circle and scaling it in one direction. (to check individual points on that ellipse you can convert the circle to a Polygon and check if the points lie on the ellipse (oval). They do.)

    Back in the MiniCad days the offset of the oval was a polygon (good) and later a polyline (nicer but less precise). But at some moment in time VW decided to let the offset of an ellipse be an ellipse again and this is not true. This is easily check by drawing dimensions between the first oval and its offset.

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  2. Make sure not to make the class while setting up the wall. The class must be made prior to opening the wall settings dialog and the class must be set to "Use at creation", else it won't work. Chnaging this later won't help.

    I ran into this in VW 2018 and VW 2019.

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  3. On 1/29/2019 at 7:20 PM, bc said:

    @Gerard Jonker So, if you please,  briefly what are some of the problems can they expect?


    Is it moving around in OpenGL Walk-through or Fly-over? Or something else?




    I don't know about these two. Just major problems in displaying 2D plans:

    - Objects not showing, just selection handles visible

    - Objects showing on a different location, Selection handles seem to be in teh right place

    - Showing objects that are actually on invisible layers

    - Editing a group still seeing objects outside the group even though "show other objects while.." is switched off.

    - Plans redrawing not showing the whole plan. Quit VW and then open VW and the file again seems to be the only cure.

  4. In other words, you need a MC7 or, in my experience, VW 8 (not 2008) running as steppingstone between MCD files and current VW versions.

    This means running an old Mac with OS9 in a classic environment. An old G3, 1st generation iMac for instance or a G4 (blue front) will do.


  5. 19 hours ago, BaRa said:


    I'm sorry Gerard, but that last statement seems incorrect. If your customers are indeed using these tools, then they are doing it in such a way that they don't do BIM. Which these days in the Netherlands is rather uncommon. But even if they don't need BIM, then these US-centric tools are hardly adapted to the market in the Netherlands. So you might advice your customers that way, but to me it feels like you are doing them a disservice. You are making it sound as if the removal of those 5 tools is all that has happened in Fundamentals 2019, and that is simply false. Just look at the feature list that applies to 2019, and you'll see there is a LOT of added value. 

    BIM is used in a small minority (number) of projects, (which is not the same as volume). Walls are easily setup for Dutch standard. By keeping portions of Walls lying about on separate layers, or copying them from older projects you can bypass to some extend the fact they can not be saved in styles. Replacing one style for another is a bit cumbersome, but for an architect on a budget apparently something they can overcome. And finally: Be very careful judging the advise I give to my clients on a forum like this, hiding under an abbreviation. What my clients happily use may not be exactly what I advise them to buy. But if they insist on working in Fundamentals, yes, I might advise them not to upgrade. Over and out.

  6. You always draw 1:1 (a door = 800mm wide), but your display scale of the Design Layer is best kept close to the output scale of the View Ports. That way hatches and text need less correction scaling. I have a fixed Design Layer scale of 1:50 as it lies close to output scales I use most: 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200.

    Just my 2cts.

  7. May I suggest to you to start working with ViewPorts in all of your projects and forget about the saved views.

    At first you draw in the design layers and make every now and then a viewport. When the drawing nears completion your angle of attack changes: You roam the SheetLayers and double click viewports when you see something that needs editing. You edit DesignLayer or edit annotations. Then exit the viewport again and check the other Viewports.


    When VW introduced Viewports I thought it would be great for bigger projects but after a very short period of time I started using them on even the smallest and simplest of projects, like the bike shed for the neighbours. They are so powerful, I can't imagine having to live without them.

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