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  1. Hello it seems,for distro 32A 3ph han 16 (socca looks good), that there is an error on the text on the 3d components, it s ok in 2d top plan 63A instead of 32A 🙂
  2. Yes please, because I wasn't to tired (I was but I read well 😉 ) thanks
  3. Do you know if I can change the name of the topic ?
  4. arrrr I missed that info , I take a look to the manual (fastly yesterday eve6) and dont find that new info , may , it will be nice for that kind a new workflow from a version to another , to write it in bold in the manual ,( or i was to tired yesterday and the info was in front of me ... ill take a look this morning) thanks
  5. As you can see in the video in atch, 2022-11-16 17-43-42.mkvAs soon as I click on a cable path it goes to the end of that cable path... In VW2022 I can go out where I want of that path . Is it a bug in v23?
  6. Ok so that's what I understood ... But, now we know that, What happens when the length aren't the same standard ? Standard 01 : 029/050/071/100/150/200 etc Standard 02 : 070/140/280/ so no length match ... Thanks
  7. Hello If I understood well, i can't change truss type by other truss type with different length. I have square truss section of 30cm , length 3m I would change by section 500mm length 2.8m , I see the truss family in the section but because off different length there is a dash instead off truss element i test with truss with same length but different section or (form square to triangular) and it works ... So in my case how can change truss type and truss length ? Because in order to be able to change truss configuration I to be in the right section In my case I've to change section and length in the same time a solution would be to put all truss in a length who exist in the new type I will use , but it doesn't exist ...
  8. To avoid shortcut problem you have to "uncheck" in geforce experience superposition de jeu "game overlay"
  9. Yes after deleting that shortcut in geforce experience, it works again in vectorworks ...
  10. I think I ve found why : this is the nvidia software who take its shortcut ... Have heard about this before ? what can I do ? I'll try to desactive that software or shortcut ...
  11. still don't work example in a blank new file with default workspace (when i update to 2023 i dont tick the keep shortcut from 2022)
  12. Right click on file to open folder's file, and by the way can select the last file's version ... Because if Vectorworks, unfortunately, close the historic is "corrupt"
  13. Oh yes it works ( after some bad luck, you know murphy's theory ? 🤣 ) I tested with the first fixture I've found , one have no lens in drawing and the second have no part lens attached ... So after fix it it works!!! I think it is faster than edit all fixture and record it ...
  14. I just test that settings, may I missed somethings, or it don't works with the spotlight class and color preference. In my default settings i edit all lighting fixture and give the same class for all lens object and say to vector to use the color field for that class... With the datavis explain in "paranormal", you just just say to fixture who use lens part to take a texture but not to take a class , so the setting for the lens follow the color of the beam don't works...
  15. So because in contrary of lighting device, you can't automatically put the truss in a class with its position name, and because (if no mistake) you can't filter a worksheet by the truss position name, the only way I 've found Is to have in a template classe with the same name as position here for example position LX1 and LX2 I build 1 worksheet with "count" "truss name" "position name" duplicate it and filter it by classe, one for the classe LX1 the 2nd for the classe LX2 So it works but it's not dynamic, and you must give a position name (normal 😉 ) AND put the truss in the good class who must have the same name as the position ... Be careful for mistake 🙂 Feel free to share other method 🙂
  16. I just try the savy position It works if you only have one sort of truss in your system as you can see below here is the formula : #Count#:#TrussItem#.#Name#_#TrussItem#.#Name# the 1st is by truss piece the 2nd is by truss system the 3rd is by truss line
  17. yes exactly , you entered manually info in bubbles for example or you arrive to automat that ?
  18. yes exactly , you entered manually info in bubbles for example or you arrive to automat that ?
  19. no news with V2023 ? also it would be cool to have the possibility to build non-rectangle or square led screen to build something like that
  20. It would be nice to have a mix between datatags ans worksheet A stuff like you put your worksheet ans clik on a truss system to automatically link the worksheet to the truss system By the way you only have to build (one time) different worksheet to filter the info you need or not (one for hoist, the other for truss elt... ) Or if I filter by position and always give the same name to the truss ... For example position lx1/lx2 lx3... and worksheet for position lx1/lx2/lx3... I only need to put the right WS in "front " of the good truss system ... i'll try 🙂
  21. Yes but Have to edit the worksheet for each truss system, in order to filter by position or layer or class...
  22. Hello Is a way to use truss data tag instead of report ? I just want a data tag who count the truss element of a truss system, I can do it with report but I have to duplicate and edit each report with different filter based on position or classe or layer... I looked in the data tag parameters but i didnt found the count fonction , so I think it isn't possible to do what I want ... If a way exist it will be faster than edit report 🙂 thanks !
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