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  1. Hello Jan Burger, Thanks for your response. The model looks fine when not in Stereo view mode. But if you want to watch the model in a real VR mode you need a phone so you can rotate it to landscape and choose "stereo view" (this option is only available on phones) You put your phone in your Cardbox, Bobo (or whatever VRholder) and with stereo view you can walk around. Until VW2018... From that point in time the quality is really bad. Try it here : www.smets.nl/andal/index.html Bad quality strange perspective And here the old quality: www.smets.nl.hala/WebGlTemplate.html If you have a workaround. Let me know!! Groet uit Bussum en dan voor je reactie!
  2. Hello Andrew, I'm working on a Mac. And I use an iPhone. So this means I can not use the VR function anymore. The biggest plus was that everybody could see the VR model you produced. Anywhere, anyplace : Android/iPhone/Mac/PC/linux/tablet/phone/desktop/ So for the mac community it looks like Vectorworks has no VR functionality (anymore). So maybe you should not advertise with this feature anymore. I can't believe that even Nomad can't show the VR model. It answers my question, but the answer is quite incredible. All my VR models are useless now. Minicad used to be a macintosh application. So much for going cross platform. Greetings from Holland
  3. Hi Inikolova, Are there plans to fix the stereo view in de Webexport?
  4. 7) Webview stereo (VR view) has a low resolution since VW 2018. It is, in fact, useless.
  5. Rick

    Export Web View

    In VW 2018 and 2019 the stereo View for web based VR models doesn't work anymore (extreme poor resolution, bad perspective an always crashing). So I would like to import the old "Web view export" plugin from VW 2017 into VW 2019. This would mean I don't have to export my drawings to VW 2017 before I can export a usable VR model. But when I replace the plug ins I get this error. See image. It's probably possible to change attributes of these files (version number) Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks! Rick
  6. Hello AndrewG, If the solution is out there.. why isn't it posted here!? It makes this thread kind of useless.. I have the same problems with 90% of my models. Bye
  7. I think I found it! My configuration is quite uncommon. A macbook Pro with a Cinema Display 30". The video card probably isn't strong enough!! Strange, it did work with VW 2008. Maybe it's because of all the screen hints and selection animations.... This is a great excuse to buy the new Macbook Pro....
  8. I switched from 9.5.3 all the way to VW 2009 last week! I didn't "want" to but I had to because of leopard.... I skipped all versions from 10 to 12.5 because they didn't have anything intresting to offer (for me). VW 2008 felt fine while using but when I ordered it, it just got an upgrade to VW 2009. If you all claim there is no speed problem between 2008 en 2009 it must be something else. Thanks for your response!
  9. Ik just installed Vectorworks Fundamentals 2009. Im running a 2.333 intel core 2 duo and MacOSX 10.5.5. Drawing and snapping is incredibilly slow. I'm experimenting with the settings but that doesn't seem to help. Does everybody have this slow and lazy feeling wile drawing? It's very annoying!!! Or is there someone out there with a cure?....
  10. Thanks Raymond, I was looking for the beast that messes up all my drawings. I was hoping that my problem could be solved but this thread of messsages probably ends here. After a discusion of two months with Epson it seems the problem has to be solved by Nemetschek. I just hope they will... soon
  11. That's strange, because a OKI laserwriter doesn't have this problem and neither does the epson printer when I use the gimp drivers (version 4.3.2) for epson that come with the MacOS 10.3. But these are very slow and have bad colormanagement etc. It only happens with vectorworks in combination with epson printerdrivers under MacOS X. It doesn't matter wich version for any of the programs I use. How can it be explained that the lines are thicker, even on screen!?
  12. When I draw diagonal lines in VW 9 or 10 under macOS X the linethickness is thicker than lines that are drawn orthogonal (horizontal and vertical). When "zoom line thickness" is on you can see the difference. Just zoom in verry close. You can also see it when you create a PDF-files just before you print. When printing with EPSON drivers for MacOSX it shows on your prints!! Other printers don't have this problem! I've been in contact with EPSON but they point their finger at Nemetschek after they found out that you can see the difference in VW-drawings.
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