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  1. IFC export : It could be useful to be able to export Roofs by components, as it is for Walls & Slabs.
  2. Well ... Bug report ?
  3. Hi Jim, It works in plan view, but it doesn't work for the section viewport. Eric
  4. Hi everybody, Wall and roof components : It seems tiles don't rotate anymore in section viewports even when "fit to wall" is selected in "Edit Tile Settings". See pictures below. Do you have the same problem ?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a Vectorworks Architect license for sale, with legal transfer from Nemetschek my email Thanks !
  6. Hi everybody Happy to be here ... A little question: Does anyone know how to change the line weight of the different levels in one time ? (Hatch / Edit): There is a command (bottom right of the Edit window) for the weight of the pen, but only working for the active level. A bit boring to do it one by one when there are many levels .... Any idea ? (or how to make active all the levels of the hatch at the same time ? )