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  1. How is it about Changing Middlesides through bottom and Top of the cabinet like in the old KG? Would be a perfect Game Changer. are drillholes in a box object still not active if the 3d details aren´t active? That would be pretty nice for like performance Working on bigger projects like Kitchens and Stuff.
  2. looking pretty cool. Very excited to use it. how is it about to built large cabinets. is it possible to separate the elements and let the middle sides run trough like in the classic KG?
  3. in my opinion the interiorcad versions are great. We use this version for more about 9 years now and since 2015 with WOP for creating CNC Programms out of the cabinets. the "new" cabinet creator is way more flexible and makes it pretty easy to create a workflow with it.
    Cool Marionette as alsways Stephan hit it perfectly Thanks a lot!
  4. I tried both i assigned the values and also added it again both dont work
  5. Hi Stephan, I like your Marionetts and they run pretty good exept the tv marionette. Im running on Interiorcad 2020 F6/6.1 and if I put the Marionette in a Box Object on the new Korpusgenerator it wount show up. I could change the background and all the other stuff but the tv didnt show up. 3D Details are activated
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