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  1. Hi, is there any possibility of mapping numeric data into a string ifc-string variable and prevent the variable from having many decimal places? like num2str from vectorscript? Unfortunately the data manager doesn't run on vector script :D.
  2. already tried to, there's no installer however - "installing" in fact is just copying the app in the application-folder... I also tried to delete all data in the user-library twice, without success...
  3. Hi, i tried to run the unreal engine on mac os. It starts with the Epic Games Launcher. However, the Software is stuck in an update-attempt. Might be caused by the trouble from epic and apple, i guess. Am I right? I didn't find an answer on my problem in google. (the text in english "please wait while we start your update")
  4. in Germany we have the "CW-TΓΌr"-door-object πŸ˜‰ but, it should be able to have a doorless in a controllable class, too. I will have a look.
  5. there must be some way to integrate a dummy object in every door or door leaf, which is lying in one space, only. Like chipping your door to be able to locate it :D, although thought about vectorscript, but, I still don't know how to verify in which direction and in which space object the door is opening to 😞
  6. maybe THAT'S the problem. I cannot save a set of Data-Visualization, Layer-visibilities as a set. That's one big advantage of Archicad, actually. There's really a lot of stringency in that system. First tab - the drawings, second tab - all saved views which contain sets of layer visibilities, filters, there also exists an own "reconstruction" filter renovation-projects, and, the third tab are layouts.
  7. sure. That makes sense, definitely. However we had problems with a 2020 file although all elevations were "right" (in order that all objects were in the right layer and all level-layer-heights were configured right)... after we fixed the space elevations, everything worked fine. Thank you! But, another thing, how do you manage the door location? @JMR in fact a door theorically is situated in 2 rooms, although it opens just in one room. Is it possible to show only the room "in which the door does open to"?
  8. I tried to download updates with the online updater in an extra server folder for sharing them with my colleagues. Unfortunately the 2021 Updater returns me error messages. Are there still problems with the 2021 online updater?
  9. Hi, i actually retried the function "GetSpaceNumForObj" with simple rectangles. Unfortunately in 2020 it returns me the spaces in the same layer as the listed objects and the spaces in the layer under the object layer. In 2021 it returns me all spaces which are lying under the dressed object. Is that a bug or works as designed? I mean, theoretically "GetSpaceNumForObj" could be a great function for addressing furniture in interior designs, for knowing in which room doors are opening to,... but that way it doesn't work. Thank you. Raumname von Obj.zip
  10. sure, apple already announced Rosetta 2 for running intel-applications on ARM Macs...
  11. but, stupid question apart from mac os versions, are there any plans for porting Vectorworks on ARM? Does Apple really plan to switch completely from intel to ARM?
  12. We use a whole network drive, just for our projects. You can find all (more or less) active projects in that folder, for every folder there are subfolders with a whole lot of various data for the projects. not really neccessary. Just an idea. I made a little linux experience (Debian, ubuntu) but it's a few years ago. One server per machine should be ok. If the server really can handle that much requests, well, then it should be fine. Sounds great! I remember testing PS in 2015 and it was really slow ;-D πŸ‘ I'll keep that ideas in mind. Actually we don't really need a system which connects more servers in different locations. I will also be happy without a kind of "bim server" like in Archicad. However a slim web-interface for controlling the server-status could be an interesting idea. Thanks a lot for your really detailed answer!
  13. When will material resources work as class-attributes, too? I think, that there is no need for an explanation, why.
  14. What does the β€ž+β€œ stand for? And why did you write the variable in single quotation marks? (β€˜)
  15. Joshua Benghiat already told me, that record-format-criteria with variables can be finicky. However, I now wanted to switch my script to python. Can anyone tell me why "ZANZAHL = vs.Count("('Wohnung'.'Haus-Nr'=Variable)");" doesn't work, or beter, what can I do for make it working? Sure, the whole Syntax inbetween the quotation marks is a string, so, the variable gets lost. Maybe I really have to concatenate the criteria to make them working, do I really have to? Sounds quite strange to me. Looking for record format criteria with variables sounds to me quite normal.
  16. Hi, worksheets in Vectorworks are a great tool for controlling, checking and evaluating the content of a drawing/file. As shown in the example drawing, we want to edit also wall-criteria directly from a worksheet. Unfortunately, walls aren't "linked" to a visible record format and ifc-data are not editable from a worksheet. Is there any other option (except of attaching an own record format to all walls and linking the record format data via ifc-datamanager into the ifc-data)? In this example file I want to edit "Pset_WallCommon.FireRating", "Pset_WallCommon.AcousticRating" and "IfcWallStandardCase.Name". ifc-worksheet.vwx.zip
  17. Here a simple issue, finally solved since a few years (or maybe decades?) but, however, you made it!!! Now the resource-browser content list is in alphabetical order in the german version as well! sounds stupid, but, somehow it's been stupid... But, now, it's solved, so, who cares, great!!!
  18. Hi, is it right, that 2021 axis-objects are invisible in DLSVP/designlayer-section-viewports? I can see them in sheetlayer-viewports...
  19. well, looks like you might need a Mac πŸ˜‰ (just a joke)
  20. the last time I worked with revit, it was server based. There now exists also the option of shadowing a project between two offices in two different cities/buildings... so you always work with your "local" server. We had the technical-engineer-files (heating, air, electro sanitary and the according wall openings) directly linked together, too, working from two locations, connected via vpn
  21. a very convincing reason: i still didn't know of the existence of that command/function πŸ™ˆ thank you! πŸ™‚
  22. Hi i still got a few ps-server questions: 1) the shared folder accessed by the psserver is the place where all project files, managed through the running server app are stored in, right? (i think YES) 2) is it possible to run more server-app instances on one server machine 3) do you maybe recommend running psserverd on more machines maybe? Or is one server for more projects ok? (mainly for load balancing and reliability issues) 4) how many projects are possible on one server-app? we have more server-computers: a mac mini and a cylindric mac pro. 5) if another colleague wants to participate he first has to open the vwxp-file on the shared folder, right? 6) why didn't you set up a REAL SERVER WITH USER MANAGEMENT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT... like the hungarians did, too. Revit does it for example as well... so sad πŸ˜‰
  23. @JBenghiat pity, my script still is rather slow, so i wished i could install a progress bar to pacify all possible impatient colleagues πŸ˜‰
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