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  1. that's to complicated, I solved it with a substring (of course the letters 'ABB', 'BST' or 'NEU' always appear at the third place in the stylename which has to be separated by '-' πŸ˜‰)
  2. just a simple question: I want to scan object styles. for example "BA-I-BST-370-230-BFT" contains the letters *BST* in a worksheet I would write sth like =if('stylename'='*BST'; yes;no) in Python I tried (running in a foreach-procedure, it has to filter all slab styles, which names contain the letters BST): (i read somewhere that '.+' is the Asterisk equal for python) if outValue == ('.+BST.+'): however, it doesn't filter work, why?
  3. @Christiaan did you ever make the experience, that one of your colleagues sent changes to the project file in his local dropbox folder, shut his computer down to fast and suddenly on the day after everything got messed up? We did make this experience this morning. I'm sure, that one of my colleagues sent changes, shut down her Computer and the changed project file "didn't reach dropbox". So my other colleague suddenly got problems by committing and "accepting" changes, we wrote a new project file (because I didn't imagine that something like that could have been happened) and suddenly this morning there appeared a file called "SWA (Julia Brinkmanns in Konflikt stehende Kopie 2021-03-24).vwxp" in the dropbox folder. The result will be a copy and paste orgy to achieve that all changes she made reach the dropbox file... Somehow dropbox-Integration should mean, that Vectorworks should be able to check, that the vwxp-file also has been uploaded, somehow...
  4. ... I replaced "T='86' " with "PON='SPACE' "... so, only spaces are related, no more walls, slabs,... however, it wasn't enough...
  5. thanks for helping an old myopic man by correcting his simple syntax-errors πŸ˜‰ However, I still don't understand various things and so I don't get to pythonize the code that easily : 1) I try to call the function "ObjInSpace" with the command "SpaceH = ObjInSpace(H0)". In my opinion I give over the Handle of the previously selected Object H0 = vs.FSActLayer() to the function that way. (that's what you intended to do) 2) however you start the function wit the command "function ObjInSpace(H :Handle) :Handle" is my variant right: def ObjInSpace(SpaceH):? Imo, SpaceH is the "key Handle" in the "ObjInSpace"-function, so, I chose "SpaceH" and not "H" as Handle however, the Handle "H" never gets mentioned in your whole code. Why? (and, however, your Code WORKS. I already tested it.) 3) if (SpaceH != ''): is the right correspondent code to if (SpaceH <> nil) then begin in Pascal, right? ('' of course are 2 single quotation marks πŸ˜‰) then still I'm not 100% sure if the sequence of my code is ok that way, although it definitely is the same as in other Python scripts, where I called a "foreach"-function... It just feels a little strange first writing the function and then the main program. So you did with the foreach-"subfunction" in your code as well. It's like: def ObjInSpace(SpaceH): def InSpace(SpcH): def InSpace-Code def ObjInSpace-Code Main Code SpaceH = ObjInSpace(H0) right? Sorry for my complex questions, I don't have the time for controlling my code more accurately at work and at home, too.
  6. @Christiaan I tried Resilio as well and was a little unsatisfied. However for reasonable reasons πŸ˜‰ the worse the home Internet-connection from your home-office-teammates, the worse the transfer-rate in resilio. I'm quite curious on Vectorworks Cloud Services... Although i'm not giving myself too much hope in it. My actual favorite is dropbox. Somehow I would prefer a European Cloud, anyway πŸ˜‰
  7. I tried to pythonize it, but it won't work to the end πŸ˜‰ what's wrong? The compiler says: Traceback (most recent call last): "File "<string>", line 11, in InSpace NameError: name 'Rechn' is not defined
  8. sure, you can save sets of layers and classes as saved views, and of course you can save sets of classes and layers as viewports, however, both exist independent from each other. You cannot place a saved view as viewport on a sheetlayer (although you can of course activate a saved view and then create a viewport from that point on) you will have to use a combination of saved views and data visualization and create viewports from that point on might be caused by a difference in screen visualization between "2D-Plan" and the sectioned view of a 3D-Model. "2D-Plan-View" still is a special view-option in Vectorworks.
  9. yeah, but, actually, we want to use project sharing... so, no longer than in a week we can try cloud services as well πŸ˜‰
  10. yeah, sure . That's a thing I really admire in Archicad because it allows you to work in a really stringent, straight way. In Fact you have 4 Areas in the navigator Palette. 1) is the Palette with your drawings, mainly the building Modell, sheets for 2D drawings, details and Worksheets 2) an Area with something like saved views, which not only do collect a set of visible floors and layers, but, for every "saved view" you also can store a set of 3D/2D Data visualization (i forgot the original name), a "transformation-filter" which care's about restructuring projects (there's defined which building parts are old, new or get demolished)... Of course, for all these settings, there are available sets. a set for layer(=VW-classes)-visibility, a set of data vis, a set for the transformation filter... Now every saved view also contains a combination of these sets. 3) Layouts. - every saved view is the base for a viewport, which can be placed on any sheet layer 4) publisher (like the Vectorworks publisher) So, from 1) to 4) there's a straight system, when I now change a saved view it immediately affects all viewports, which are connected to that saved view.
  11. we use oneDrive in one of our projects and are quite unsatisfied. Project Sharing only works for one user contemporarily. The second user can't commit any changes at all. Looking forward to check Vectorworks Cloud Services. If VCS doesn't work we'll think about some plus Abonnements for Dropbox... maybe...
  12. Works fine, here a short testscript, which returns the center of the active object
  13. nope, sorry but both worksheet functions don't check the name or number of a selected space but they get me the name or number of a space the selected object is situated in. For example GetSpaceNameForObj can get me Name and Number of the space-object a selected furniture-symbol is planned in. Pity, that the function obviously only works in worksheets, not in Vectorsript/Python
  14. Hi, we still are working again on Secondlevel Space Boundaries for Space Objects. ( However I think about solving the issue with a Python-script. In Worksheets there exists the function GetSpaceNameForObj and GetSpaceNumForObj. I have been looking for it in the Vectorscript/Python function reference, without any success... obviously don't exist. Guess the commands only exist for Worksheets, right? Is there any possibility to coordinate an object to the adjacent space object?
  15. Hi, does anyone have an idea: - how I can attach informations about "Space Boundary Areas" to a space object? - what "Space Boundary Areas" are good for? Can I potentially assign the information via the datamanager or a Vectorscript/Python script? (although I still only found the function for checking in which space object an object is situated in only as a worksheet command) Help πŸ™‚ @elepp Thanks in advance
  16. We have a problem using the data manager in Vectorworks 2021. We can't implement the new structural grid tool in our 2020 data manager presets and actually my colleagues need the structural grid objects in the ifc-export. However we want to use the new 2021 structural grid tool and now Vectorworks does limit us in our work... 1) open the file "rasterexportifc.vwx" 2) take a look at the grid objects 3) if you look in the oip-data-tab none of them does have en entry in the "ifcgridaxis entity" 4) when i now switch inside the datamanager from "document's settings" to "basic settings" (in german its called "Grundeinstellungen" so, I don't know the original english name) and... 5) get back to the drawing suddenly every structural grid object works fine. 6) however the datamanager settings look the same. the only difference between both settings ist, that the second one has been modified in visual studio code, in order to implement the new structural grid object inside the datamanager setting (which doesn't work in the datamanager - reason: the entity "IfcGridAxis" is not available in the datamanager = i can't add it for using it inside the grid object) now my question, how can I modify my settings, that the grid objects work as well? (I already hat contact with our local reseller ComputerWorks. The bug has been already posted in Jira, however, we want to work now and don't have the time to wait for a fix...) ( is a related post...) rasterexportifc.vwx.zip
  17. I Do already use visual studio code but when I open one window next to the other it starts getting confusing. On the left side one window with 2 tabs, on the right side one tab. It’s good, better then nothing but not satisfying... i will try the plist editor and give visual studio code another chance thanks!!
  18. now I need to repeat this work and I don't get it done can anyone suggest me a good working xml-editor? I can't solve my problem with the data manager and need a good XML-Editor. @JBenghiat @Pat Stanford @Hugues sorry for bothering, but does anyone of you know a good xml-editor for mac? And, y the heck can't I add the entity "ifcgridaxis" to the data manager? I have been able to copy and paste the code, the last time, now it doesn't work... Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-02-26 um 16.16.49.mov
  19. now i solved it by myself, just by comparing the "basic defaults" set with our own set in visual studio code. (works in a xml-editor as well) However, it's not a satisfying solution, or, why does there exist a datamanager in Vectorworks?
  20. Hi, we are working very intensively with the data manager and want to use our datamanager-sets we already created in Vectorworks 2020 in Vectorworks 2021, too. However now exporting the new structural grid objects to ifc doesn't work with our data manager-set. The "Structural grid object" doesn't appear in our data manager sets and everytime I add the Plugin-Object "StructuralGrid" (in german it's called "Achse") manually, I only can add the pset "IfcGrid". I cannot choose "IfcGridAxis" (which must be the right option instead) When I reset the Datamanager to "basic defaults" instead (don't know how the menu item is called in english) the "structural grid" PIO appears in the data manager and the pset "IfcGridAxis" suddenly appears for "Structural Grid". I don't know how it happened. However, adding the pset "ifcGridAxis" isn't possible at all. Why? How can I implement the structural grid object in my own Datamanager-set and make it work properly? rasterexportifc.vwx.zip
  21. One of my colleagues has problems with her navigation graphics. She actually is working on a BIM-Model on a 2015 iMac 27" with a core i-5 CPU and 16GB of Ram and no she has to zoom in and out to actualize the view after having modified the drawing. Otherwise deleted objects remain visible, unless she zooms in and out. We already checked every of the 3 options "best performance", "good performance and compatibility" and "best compatibility". Later on I will check wether there are new updates for her macOS 10.14. Is it really her iMac which is outdated now? or, what could it be? The Vectorworks-File-size is 260MB (although I know, that this isn't much info for you)... I wil check the file, too... I still had the same performance-issues working on a macbook pro 16" with 16GB of Ram and a 8GB Graphics card, working without being plugged in.
  22. yeah, I still can't understand, why they canceled their mac Version... 😞 it's a pity somehow...
  23. Hi, just a short question, does an upgrade from 16GB to 32GB Ram make sense for VW 2021? It's an iMac 27" 2013 with an i5 CPU, afaik and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M video card. (needless to say, that it's a rather old machine πŸ˜‰ )
  24. Now I got it.... πŸ˜„ just set "fcWallStadardCase - Pest_WallCommon - Reference [Style.Name]" in the data manager, so the wall style name is exported in the ifc-file again. Works as designed. And, useful for classifications in Solibri.
  25. Now I got it.... πŸ˜„ just set "fcWallStadardCase - Pest_WallCommon - Reference [Style.Name]" in the data manager, so the wall style name is exported in the ifc-file again. Works as designed. And, useful for classifications in Solibri.
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