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  1. Can we have a way of saving a text style so that we can apply Style 1 to some text, Style 2 to some other text, then apply Style 1 to some of Style 2 text without having to re-set the font, size, etc. etc.
  2. It would be really nice to be able to set the datum point to start the hatch pattern at the time we were hatching an object AND to be able to move this to another datum point on another object without the hatch pattern moving around. I could then apply my brick hatching to my elevations and start the brickwork at the right place on each elevation!
  3. We run VectorWorks 10.5 as our mainstay CAD app., but our engineers and most of our external consultants use AutoCAD. Has anyone done any work on using the automatic class tools in VW 12/2008 to align VW classes/layers with AutoCAD layers? Does it work? I am hoping to upgrade our system next year and this would be one (of many) of the justifying reasons - if it works. Andrew Coombes CAD Services Manager Hampshire County Council
  4. AutoCAD has the ability to assign layer names to alias's. I work on both apps, and this feature works really well. You can choose to view only the layers assigned to the alias you select. It could work like setting a Sheet, and when you open the Class or Layer dialog box you ONLY see the Classes and Layers appropriate to that "Sheet". Looks like a wishlist application! Andrew
  5. I gave up and use Pat McConnell's "Set URL/Goto URL" plug-ins. You can set a URL against any VW object and open up the linked file, either a word document or HTML or PDF, etc. We save most things in PDF. If you put it on a web server then you can also use PDF bookmarks, e.g. linking a VW window to the right clause in a specification. have a look at VectorDepot Plug-ins
  6. I have been asked to investigate the use of version control with VectorWorks. Does anyone have any experience with this? I would be grateful for any thoughts on the matter. 160 operators using Version 10.5 on Windows


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