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  1. <<<>>> Thanks Jim, But insanely powerful competition still cannot model a 3D gear rack, and VW had it 7 years ago. I hope the same developers are still with VW, and management has a plan to further develop the Machine Design. Thanks, Larry
  2. Good morning, I'm still using VW2009, and it works well on Win10, but you have such a fine program, why did you stop development of Machine Design? Please bring Machine Design back. Larry
  3. I haven't had a chance to try a demo of VW2011, and was curious to know if the smaller sizes of pillow blocks were ever added. Thanks, Larry
  4. I export from VW2009 Windows7 32, to Inventor 2011 by selecting .sat, without selecting "Export as Trimmed Surfaces" or Parasolid X_T Version 10, I have less problems exporting with lower versions of other software. Before you open in Inventor, check items in "OPTIONS" box to make sure units are correct, and any other options you may require. Larry
  5. Thanks Guy, I will use their cable carriers. Larry
  6. Thanks AndiACD, I would really like to add to the "Wish List", but I'm not about to "wish" for something that is available for free from http://www.mcmaster.com/#mounted-bearings/=7yonel They offer 3D as well as 2D files for many of the products they sell. I'm sure that it was just a clerical oversight, and that a correction will be offered for VW 2009 and VW 2010, at least I wish there will be a correction. Thanks, Larry To download the models and drawings, select a pillow block,and then on the left under the selected product.
  7. Thanks Guy, I'm not shocked any more,if I cannot find simple,standard items that should be included.I should not have to add things like this to the "Wish List" either. Thanks, Larry
  8. Greetings, I seem to be missing the smaller size pillow blocks, I am using VW 2009 Designer SP5 on Win7. The 2 and 4 hole flange bearings start at 1/2" diameter shaft size, but the smallest pillow block stars at 1 7/16". I am also missing the Metric sizes of mounted bearings. I know that custom sizes can be entered, but with all that effort I might as well start from scratch. It seems that I am always starting a project, and when searching for a common part that should be included and easy to find, I will be informed that those parts will be included in the next release. Thanks, Larry
  9. I have never used Alibre, but attended a large Model Engineering Expo, and Alibre seems to be the choice of software for modelmakers. The people that were using Alibre even upgraded from the free version to the paid version. The work includes models to make castings for steam engines, as well as CNC parts. Vectorworks would be the choice of many, many, more people, if a little more effort and attention would be given to the mechanical section. I recieved an email for Top Ten Tricks in Vectorworks, and Mechanical was not one of the 4 Products offered. Larry
  10. Please add the option to chamfer the ends of the carrige bolts in VW2010, or maybee I'm missing it. Thanks, Larry
  11. Hi Tom, Thanks for the updated files, works fine. Larry
  12. Hi Ray, The wrong tap drill diameter is VW 2009 and 2010 3D threaded holes section. VW 2009 did not offer a pipe thread option in the 3D shaft section. I think this is more of clerical error, than a bug. I have some programs that the user can edit and enter dimensions in an Excel or similiar spreadsheet, and everything is fine. That is why I asked if the table or file could be edited. Larry
  13. Hi Ray, Thanks for pointing that out. I submitted one for VW 2009, and 2 for VW 2010. Larry
  14. Thanks for adding pipe threads to the shaft tools in VW 2010. The first one I tried 1/16-27 NPT, seems to be missing, or the wrong thread . I also tried the 3D threaded hole for 1/16-27 NPT , and the tap drill size is wrong, over 4" diameter, in VW 2009 & VW 2010. Is there a way to edit the tables or files for the threads? Thanks, Larry
  15. Many thanks again, here is also a link for a free CD of AutoCAD drawings. Larry http://www.charlottepipe.com/Default.aspx?Page=ABSPVCDWVDrawings&type=ABSPVCDWV
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