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  1. Hi All: Willing to privately share the file, since the scenery is not mine, but when referencing a lighting device symbol (specifically, my ETC S4 Lustr 2's), the file I'm working on goes from working as flawlessly as I've ever seen VWX run, to taking several minutes to complete any operation. I'm not sure what specifically about these symbols is any different than any of my other lights, I've confirmed that they are built identically to other symbols. Thanks! EDIT: Upon further investigation, it seems that removing gradients from my symbols solves issues; any idea why this might be happening and if this can be addressed?
  2. Howdy: I'm really glad that SP 2.1 addressed some much needed LW6 workflow issues, re: duplication; but something I was quite interested in is if issue VB-174502 also addressed some of the other linked fields, such as Color. In my workflow, I usually put scroller info into the actual scroller accessories, and frost/diffusion info into the fixtures themselves -- it keeps the plots and paperwork cleaner -- is this still not possible without relentless swapping between VWX and lightwright to make sure that the color doesn't get overwritten on import, or is this still a feature in ongoing development. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hey! I've noticed a lack of gLTF export in VWX, which is unfortunate, since products like Capture (https://www.capture.se/) are recommending it as their primary format to send over geometry and texture data (over the more dated Collada format). I understand that this isn't an easy ask to implement, but would make those of us who use a VWX > Capture workflow slightly less frustrated than using the DWG export, in order to have to re-texture our entire file on Capture. Thank you!
  4. The intro video for spotlight mentioned a new hoist tool, but the video doesn't seem to be up yet, they may just have uploaded the site and are rolling out additional content now. Very exciting nontheless.
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