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  1. I have been thinking about virtual wiring and is wondering if anyone has done anything interesting to document the Dante/AES67 Grid? I have not played around with it yet but am thinking up a few ideas.
  2. I am adding on to this request, As I like creating viewports to get a drawing into printable pages as well.
  3. Good idea, just find it fascinating that vectorworks does not have that built in. A decent search system with some filtering.
  4. I guess my feature request would be a CMD-F search box 🙂
  5. Forgive me, I am working with 1000's of devices in a single document. Is there a way to search for a device by name/tag or other parameters then locate it on the design view? I know I can dump a device report, but how to find the actual device it on many sheets of drawings is the fun part.
  6. This is probably related the post linked below.. Right now there is a very annoying bug that if i change a name of a device, the next time i go to update rack elevation for the sheet. It does not update the device name, but instead creates a duplicate device. On this same note, It probably should also be if a symbol is deleted it would change the rack elevation to red on the rack view sheet so we can identify devices that no longer have any use but are still in the rack.
  7. I am also dealing with re-arranging dozens of sheets. Vectorworks team, can we add another column that will only populate for sheet layers that matches the # column in the Sheet Layers image? As I always want to export my PDF's by sheet layer arrangement I already have.
  8. We just ran into a very bad bug that needs to be fixed ASAP! @Conrad Preen Right now if you number cables, it restarts numbering in every design layer instead of incrementing as per project file. Yes we can work around but its burning dozens of hours, and I mean dozens. Please see a screenshot of the issue as it exists you will see its in two different design layers but has the same restarted numbering.
  9. @Vectorworks team We have identified a bug in VW2021 which has been reproduced in both our migrated file, and a file created from scratch. The issue is that for our device symbols, we customize our dev_label_generic with additional text fields that are linked to the user1, user2, user3 dev_rec record type to show the additional info that we have for them. This is not working right now. The good news is that the data is still there, so I am not worried about it for now, but it needs to be fixed. Please see attached screenshots of the issue and a blank file created and reproduced with it. Linktext.vwx
  10. CC Team, With VW2021 you have added additional symbol types like dev_label_center. I would love to have a setting in CC settings to select which is the default for newly created symbols. This is a no rush thing, but would be nice as we use currently dev_label_generic as our default custom symbol and it will save clicks. -Kevin
  11. I use the term 'MTRS' for mini TRS (3.5mm), and 'MMTRS' for micro (2.5 mm) . Which I add using the ConnectorTypes.txt custom setup that conrad linked to above.
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