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  1. Vectorworks/CC team, In converting my old documents to CC 2020, I noticed the displaying of my Circuit Numbering was not working even though the numbers themselves came over properly. I was able to reproduce this issue with the default connectcad file as well in a blank document. Basically the issue is that if i assign any custom style to the CircuitNumbers Class the label disappears. Note the label disappears once you run the Number Cable CC function again. Note I have not tested this with other CC Classes. Please see screenshots
  2. OK thanks i will check it out. No. 'dev_rec' has one purpose in life - to take values from Device fields and make them visible in the device title symbol as linked text. Are you looking for a way to set the default value of user device fields. YES! for a newly created device from device builder or using new device. We have considered this. Device Builder is already a huge dialog and I do wonder where we would fit all this. To the right where it was before. It's better than it was - previously you had to re-create your custom fields with every upgrade. Now you just have to copy the CustomParams.txt file to your new installation and your done. You can change the display name of custom fields to suit your wishes. Only the universal names are user1, user2 etc. OK, as long as it does not change again. I do understand why you did it, as we can no longer edit the plugin. But this major change should not happen again soon please!
  3. @Conrad Preen Just diving into CC 2020 and I love how its working better that 2018. Much faster to use! 1. Are you working on an easier way to add custom fields by default in the reports? Maybe a flag in CustomParams.txt? As adding 5 columns every time I build a report is getting annoying. (it could be something we can turn on in settings) 2. It does not look like if i set a default a default value in dev_rec for the user values it auto populates when I create a new device. 3. +Vote to add the ability to show custom fields the device builder as well it makes life easier as its all on one screen. More important is #2 4. +Vote for Naming Custom fields, I am migrating the custom fields now to user1,user2,user3. But it has taken a ton of time to do. As we heavily use custom fields.
  4. @Conrad P Do you have a full list of changes posted somewhere for the 2019 -> 2020 Migration? I just need to know I won't break something by migrating to the new release. Thanks! -Kevin


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