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  1. I have been thinking about virtual wiring and is wondering if anyone has done anything interesting to document the Dante/AES67 Grid? I have not played around with it yet but am thinking up a few ideas.
  2. I am adding on to this request, As I like creating viewports to get a drawing into printable pages as well.
  3. Good idea, just find it fascinating that vectorworks does not have that built in. A decent search system with some filtering.
  4. I guess my feature request would be a CMD-F search box 🙂
  5. Forgive me, I am working with 1000's of devices in a single document. Is there a way to search for a device by name/tag or other parameters then locate it on the design view? I know I can dump a device report, but how to find the actual device it on many sheets of drawings is the fun part.
  6. This is probably related the post linked below.. Right now there is a very annoying bug that if i change a name of a device, the next time i go to update rack elevation for the sheet. It does not update the device name, but instead creates a duplicate device. On this same note, It probably should also be if a symbol is deleted it would change the rack elevation to red on the rack view sheet so we can identify devices that no longer have any use but are still in the rack.
  7. I am also dealing with re-arranging dozens of sheets. Vectorworks team, can we add another column that will only populate for sheet layers that matches the # column in the Sheet Layers image? As I always want to export my PDF's by sheet layer arrangement I already have.
  8. We just ran into a very bad bug that needs to be fixed ASAP! @Conrad Preen Right now if you number cables, it restarts numbering in every design layer instead of incrementing as per project file. Yes we can work around but its burning dozens of hours, and I mean dozens. Please see a screenshot of the issue as it exists you will see its in two different design layers but has the same restarted numbering.
  9. @Vectorworks team We have identified a bug in VW2021 which has been reproduced in both our migrated file, and a file created from scratch. The issue is that for our device symbols, we customize our dev_label_generic with additional text fields that are linked to the user1, user2, user3 dev_rec record type to show the additional info that we have for them. This is not working right now. The good news is that the data is still there, so I am not worried about it for now, but it needs to be fixed. Please see attached screenshots of the issue and a blank file created and reproduced with it. Linktext.vwx
  10. CC Team, With VW2021 you have added additional symbol types like dev_label_center. I would love to have a setting in CC settings to select which is the default for newly created symbols. This is a no rush thing, but would be nice as we use currently dev_label_generic as our default custom symbol and it will save clicks. -Kevin
  11. I use the term 'MTRS' for mini TRS (3.5mm), and 'MMTRS' for micro (2.5 mm) . Which I add using the ConnectorTypes.txt custom setup that conrad linked to above.
  12. On the data visualization note, You don't necessarily have to use a data tag to see an image of the device in your symbols. However it is a nice way for a different use case. The cool thing about CC Symbols is that you can add images to them after they are created, and then save them as symbols to reuse. To add an image, just doubleclick on your already created device on the drawing (just like when you want to edit connectors) and add your image. Just be aware of the location of the symbol template (in this example I use a custom dev_label_generic). Exit out of the symbol, and then you can save as symbol to add to your resource library to use again.
  13. CC Team, I noticed during my migration that if you have a custom SignalTypes.txt with blank lines in it, it causes a endless loop and pegs a cpu core at 100%. Its triggered when using device builder for example.I have to force quit VW to resolve. Attached my file for reference 2020 is the one that did not work, and the final adjusted file for 2021. I also did this with ConnectorTypes.txt but that one did not cause any issues (but it cleaned it up anyway). SignalTypes(2021).txt SignalTypes(2020).txt
  14. CC Team, We use a more simpler Signal Types based on Signal, and in VW2021 you always load the built in signal types up top, then user signal types. This is really annoying as we don't want to have to scroll every time we want to pick the right signals. Can we have a checkbox to either put user added stuff on top, or turning off default signal and connector types? Thx -Kevin
  15. I have seen this as well with the same HW Spec. Really Annoying Please note it will take 10-20 seconds the first time for me then its quicker.
  16. Just installed 2021 and the connectCAD_Data in the right folder location under ~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2020/Plug-ins/ for mac did not migrate to 2021 using the upgrade migration tool. FYI Vectorworks team.
  17. @Cookie_NZ They are just two different design layers right now in the same document for each space. One for elevations/layout. one for connectcad. They are not connected at all other than in the same vectorworks document and issued as apart of the same set.
  18. I am talking about actual elevation layers outside of ConnectCad Rack Elevation layer. As my vectorworks documents contain both types of drawings Horizontal/Vertical design layers CAD, and connectcad signal layers.
  19. Yeah its a workflow thing I am confused by how it could work, having both a symbol on a Design Layer for elevations, and on the ConnectCad Signal Flow Design Layer. I guess I can exclude the Design layers for elevations from the master reports. would need to see it in action.
  20. @CHA @Conrad Preen I do the same thing for any slots or SFP type devices in equipment. Where I have symbols for each SFP connector SFP or PCI Capture card. For for QSC Qsys or Biamp for each card. Then there is a link between the slot called SFP and card, which we ignore cable numbering on as its set to a signal as SPCL (my custom name using the SignalTypes.txt and the XXX connector using the ConnectorTypes.txt for customizations)
  21. The way I device setups are very similar. All of my devices are uniquely named using DNS as IP Addresses are mostly DHCP on designs I work on/use a seperate sheet for ip address assignment. The other cool thing you can do is add a picture of device after creating the block. It really helps with the ease of identifying components with not much real estate. As for saving 2D for front and back rack elevation (or JPG/png in the proper dimensions) it would be nice for the build team in build racks, however I will not be using it for full cad for elevations. I would rather keep that in a separate symbol as there always is a seperate Design layer for Horizontal/Vertical Views, and Signal layers. And dragging in a symbol into that will mess/duplicate for the global reports for total device counts (i know i can exclude the layers on the worksheet, but keeping signal flows separate is a good thing.)
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