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  1. I’ve been thinking more about this. The goal is to identify which cables are used exclusively in a rack vs which ones will run outside a rack. Since all gear once placed in a rack is identified with rack information, could you not leverage that info and compare it to the gear it is connected to? If the gear it connects to also shows that it is in the same rack then that is one text color for the end of the arrow as well as the socket text in the device. If the connecting gear is not in that rack then another text color?
  2. I don't want to change the color of the cable. I need to change the color of the text. Basically duplicate skt_txt_ to a different name and apply the new symbol to specified text at the end of an arrow. I know it would be a manual process but would allow to signify to installers which cables are going where when they do mass pre-builds of cables.
  3. I would love to have a way to change the cable arrow labeling to a different color for cable that is in the field vs ones that are in the rack. To my knowledge right now there is no way to edit or define the symbol that the arrow is using. It's just using the default.
  4. Thanks for the update with this... could you also make the same update for the rack ruler?
  5. I would like to provide printouts in a folder that stays near the rack for others that may need to quickly troubleshoot. Yes installers still use paper printouts during install and then redline onsite changes for as-builts.
  6. I would love to see a way to have "pages" tool similar to spaces tool. This would allow for automatic data to insert on a signal feather when using the connect tool in arrow mode. So when someone has to reference a connection that flows to another page there is page information on it based on the titling of the "pages" tool. Maybe the "pages" tool could also autogenerate viewports with page names. The big deal is having page numbers on the feather for installers to reference.


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