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  1. ah. i see. this could potentially be exactly what is happening. i'll do the search/replace and let you know if the symbols continue to transform. martin and kevin, thanks for the help.
  2. quote: Originally posted by David Ormsby: What if you edit your symbols to include the circle? That would get it in the right place, and possible reduce your need to tweak Chn # positions... but if the circle is with the symbol, and if i have five basic positions in the orientation of the unit (front, front diag, side, diag back, back), then i would have to have five different versions of each symbol with the circle in different positions. which is what i've done with autoplot. and hoo-boy, keeping track of that is pretty time consuming.
  3. mac G4 os 10.1.5 spotlight 10.1.2 i've been working in the same document for some time today adding symbols to the RB. in many cases i've been importing SL symbols, then replacing the 2D portion of the symbol with a polyline in the edit symbol window. after returning to the drawing, i just tried to shift-click on three different symbols, and then moved them. when i released the cursor, all three symbols turned into rectangles that were the same shape (although the original symbols were different sizes). when i changed to Top View the wireframes of the other symbols were fine, but the 3 remained same-sized rectangles. i quit the program, re-opened the application and document. the 3 were restored to their former shapes. all good. then i selected one symbol and moved it. when i moved the symbol it returned to the same rectangle shape. hints cheerfully accepted. thanks
  4. hi jim. hope all is well with you. the 18 point font is so i can print out the plot in almost any scale and be able to read it. i draft the plots in 1/2" scale. on smaller plots i can then print as low as 38% (3/16" scale) or in some cases even 30% and the whole plot fits onto an 8 1/2 x 11. and the channels are still readable out of a laserprinter. when i try to make text small enough to fit into the provided containers (like 3 digit numbers) they get *really* hard to read unless you output the document at full 1/2" scale. and even then, for old eyes, it's at times a challenge. so i'm still looking for the holy 'container tuck under lighting instrument symbol' grail i guess.
  5. hi folks. i'm currently working on a label legend. the circle provided as a container is way too small; i usually use 18 point arial for channels, and put the channel in a circle. (btw, it would be nice if the containers were text-sensitive and expand in size if the text is larger than the outside edge of the circle). so i drew a 7" circle and added this as a symbol in the containers folder. then, in the label legend manager, i assigned the channel the 7" container. usually i hand draft the circle so that it's 'tucked under' the lighting instrument, to clearly show that the instrument is controlled by That Channel. when i move the channel text close enough for the container circle to be 'tucked under', however, the result is the circle is on top of (and covering) a portion of the lighting symbol. so far no amount of 'send to back' in any edit symbol window has suceeded in allowing the symbol to be 'on top' of the channel circle container. anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.
  6. I'm on mac os 10.1.5 using VW10.1.2 i'm attempting to combine a 2D and a 3D symbol of a source 4 unit that i have designed. i have read the literature and still could use a hand in the step-by-step process for symbol creation. also, is it possible to edit an existing symbol? i would like to replace the 3D body of the S4 but retain the cool yoke & c-clamp i see in the isometrics. is that possible to do? if so can you give me step by steps? thanks
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