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  1. my brain has stopped.... yesterday i selected a group and changed the class, dialogue asked if i wanted to change all items in the group or just the grouping itself as it does. I accidentally selected 'always do this action'.... how do i reset this? Thanks
  2. Thanks Benjamin, thats what i thought.... I just drew them in with lighting devices so i could have it talk to LW. Sexy shading on your fixtures!
  3. here is a reverse question I have a venue drawing with no lights, just a pdf reference. Designer gave me a lightwright file with all the info. I have created the Data Exchange Link. Trying to have all the info in LW import into the drawing as orphans then I can select those, make them into fixtures from my fixtures within the resource browser. Cant seem to get it to work this way. Any ideas?
  4. getting really irritated with the changing and selecting of Spotlight Lighting Device Parameter. I am in a file that is using an older set of Lighting Device Parameters created awhile ago and I trying to select a different set or just customize it for this file. everytime i do this and click the OK the program crashes. This only happens on an existing file, not a new one. I have had conversations with Tech Support but there has been no resolution, even they were not sure what is going on. I have even reinstalled VW Any Ideas? Very frustrated
  5. i have done that but depending on the angle of the fixture it aligns bad and some times backwards since they are two separate fields and can look very messy
  6. Thanks Kevin, not exactly how i want to use that feature! Any good way to show in the label legend the Universe and Address and not have visual orientation issues on the drawing hence the single field?
  7. I have been reading on how to use this, and it seems to only auto populate if 'auto assign universe' is turned on. I use LW to do most paperwork and am not sure about how to even use the SPLT auto assign. What i am looking to happen, as the Universe field and the Address field have values added the appear in the 'U Address' field combined with a separator / How is the best achieved and how is the U Address field used by everybody else? Thanks, Drew
  8. No worries, appreciate the help. I am just looking for a little more than what i think VW is capable of right now without doing a lot of 'put info here' and then have the worksheet look to multiple database counts to total up. And thanks for pointing me to James's post!
  9. James, i am having an issue trying to get a total count of cable by type and it is broken down into 5 or 6 separate record fields. Looking to gather the info for the whole range, not each record/field. Everything is within a symbol, with a single record attached, and having cable fields labeled ('Cable'.'b1')+('Cable'.'b2')+('Cable'.'b3')+('Cable'.'b4')+('Cable'.'b5') I have success with totaling the unique values within each single record/field using the database =('Cable'.'b1') then pull the 'Sum' over the database, add 1 to the next cell to get the qty I am wondering if this is the same issue, and if you found a solution within VW Thanks, Drew
  10. rDesign, Not needing to add 'Count' function since i am using a database looking to the record. I have success with totaling the unique values within each record/field using the database =('Cable'.'b1') then pull the 'Sum' over the database, add 1 to the next cell to get the qty I am not having any luck with totaling the unique values within each record/field for a range ('Cable'.'b1')+('Cable'.'b2')+('Cable'.'b3')+('Cable'.'b4')+('Cable'.'b5')
  11. Checked and double checked. only attached once.all default info carries into a new file, verified in resource browser, just does't show up in symbol file record with in same drawing
  12. i was trying to avoid excel for now. it is an extra step that i have been able to avoid once the worksheets got better a few years ago!
  13. Pat tried all that. it is weird, again, its only one symbol out of 5 that have the same record attached. no illegal characters. I have tried to change the default field value and still have an issue. The default value does however carry forward into the new drawing, but is not shown within each symbol.
  14. Pat i have tried it!! it is only this field in the record of one symbol that will not take. The other symbols are good. What is weird is that when i go back and edit the symbol to fix the record, the info is there. Just not sure why it will not come into the drawing correctly
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